Weeding the Emerald Specter Garden

I have been writing columns for this site for quite a while now. They include Life Imitates Wrestling, Ingress Intel, Game Specter, Fitness Specter, Storytelling Specter, and more. I’m about to start going through these columns, though, and weeding out the ones that aren’t getting the hits. If you like something, you might want to […]

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Fitness Specter 11 – Full On Fitness

I have talked a lot about this and a lot about that as part of Fitness Specter. I am absolutely lifting weights and I have been eating much better than I used to but in the last few weeks, I have fallen off of the “extreme dedication” wagon to languish in the “do what I […]

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Moving and Why People Don’t Seem to Get It

Do you know me?  Well, then you know I’m leaving North Dakota as soon as I possibly can.  I have my destination in mind and when I can actually leave, I’m gone.  There are several reasons for this and I would like to talk a little about those here.  First, though, let’s start with a […]

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Game Specter 3 – Three Pieces of the Same Game

I have always wanted to create my own gaming system.  Though I wanted to write this time about FATE and what I’m learning, I’ve come across some stuff that I really wanted to comment on and since that’s game related, I’ll do a Game Specter on it here, instead.  You get to go on a […]

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Storytelling Specter 5 – Plotters and Pantsers

There are two types of people, I’m told, that typically do “big” writing (i.e. novels, series of novels, etc).  I’ve decided to do a little personal analysis as I talk about plotters and pantsers. First and foremost, let me tell you what the hell a pantser is: that is the type of person who doesn’t […]

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Fitness Specter 10 – Mr Olympia

I’m not here to debate about whether or not professional bodybuilding is steroids vs natural, I’m not here to figure out who the best Mr. Olympia in history is, and I’m not here to tell you that one guy has been doing things way better than another.  Hell, the Olympia competition has branched out into […]

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Fitness Specter 9 – Methods of Madness

Do you think that using body weight training is the only way to go?  What exactly are your thoughts on using exclusively machines to build that physique?  Is your philosophy to exclusively use free weights to become a monster of the gym?  I look at all these questions in the most exciting Fitness Specter to […]

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Fitness Specter 8 – Road Workouts

Sometimes you have to leave town.  Sometimes you have to leave town for an extended period of time.  There are even sometimes when you can’t get yourself to your gym when you go out of town.  This column is all about working out options that don’t involve going to a gym. Not everybody has the […]

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Fitness Specter 7 – Pump Up to the Jam

I don’t know anyone who works out that doesn’t listen to some music while they’re doing so… in fact, there is so little people interacting with each other at the Gold’s Gym I go to, I sometimes wonder if anyone really goes there because they want to.  What I’m saying about that they probably want […]

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