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Fitness Specter 14 – Mind Over Matter

This column is going to be a little different than normal. I am going to talk about a variety of things and one of those things is overcoming your own mental limitations. I’d go so far as to say that my own mental hurdles are far more imposing than anything else I face, personally, when it comes to getting healthier. Sometimes, I just need life to smooth out a bit.

I have talked about a routine, the emphasis on the part where you have one more so than just performing one at a gym, and I don’t really have one at the moment. Life isn’t working with me and I just don’t know why everything has to be so difficult.

When I get the chance, I normally work out. I haven’t had the chance in over 2 weeks, now, and that really bothers me. I’m working longer hours, trying to get a different position to move out of town in, and I’m really wanting my house to sell to send my wife out to our new house. All of that frees her from being in horrible weather, frees me from horrible weather (or the worst of that weather), and we can both start moving forward rather than just spinning our wheels.

I’m mentally having my own ass kicked because things just don’t want to work out.

Rather than turn this fitness column into a “woe is me” column, I want to mention that I am a member of BodySpace,’s own little social network. I really enjoy tracking my workouts so that I can see improvement but I’m also noticing that by limiting myself to what I have set up on BodySpace for workouts, I’m doing less of them because I just can’t seem to fit them in. Sometimes… sometimes I just need to do concentration curls while watching TV and not track them and I really need to mentally defeat that hurdle of needing to track it.

Nutrition is important. Physically being fit is important. No one ever seems to concentrate much on the mentally holding oneself back for one reason or another. What do you think?

Lift with me.

Game Specter 4 – All These Stories

I am going to be running a Fate game as soon as I have the time. If you’ve read any of my other columns, like Fitness Specter (particularly the 13th one), you’ll know that I am in the process of moving from one place to another. No, I do not know when that is going to happen. No, I am not able to get a time for that as of writing this. Yes, the move WILL happen. That just means I need to hang on a while before I can gather together my players.

GameSpecter300I’ve read through the Fate guide online. I have listened to the Knights of the Night actual play podcast, especially the episodes where they’re playing Fate. I want to really dig in and start playing this system because the only system I’ve played for the past decade is World of Darkness. Well, there’s one other thing I realized while wanting all of this: I have a lot of stories bumping around in my noggin.

I want to be a writer. An author, actually, and there is a difference. This means that I’ve got a bunch of stories rolling around in my head, anyway, but I have come to realize that some of those stories will never be novels or movies or plays because those are gaming stories. I don’t mean “Joe and I were sitting around when he rolled a 5.” I mean the stuff “Joe and I” would be playing. The battle against Cthulhu or the epic leap over the moving car… not the mechanics or the meta-gaming. THE game.

There are, of course, vampire ideas that involve things like running around and politically trying to win a city. Werewolves fighting to save this or that… even Geists doing things. But I also have super hero ideas (more like Heroes and less like DC). What about an investigative idea that leads into a series of murder mysteries that can be solved by the group (a la Numbers or Scorpion or etc)? How about episodic adventures on a spaceship or something in a computer system? I’ve got these things in my head, I’d like to novelize them, but I know now that these are gaming stories.

I used to have an actual play podcast. Dark Green: The Blackwood Chronicles, for anyone wondering, and no you can’t find it in iTunes anymore because I moved everything and closed the feeds down. When I get back to gaming, though, I’d like to have another one and I’d love for that to be what my friend Bob and I have come up with: a rotating group of GMs running different genres in a rotation of sorts. Everyone included, telling stories, and telling them so that you can all hear them. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Well, what I’ve described is what the Knights of the Night are already doing. I’d like to go into different areas than they have (genre/game-wise) but I’d also like to tell the quality stories they are. We all aspire to something.

Game it.

Fitness Specter 13 – No More Excuses

Sure, the weather outside is frightful. No, there’s no fire to be delightful. Since there’s no place to go, why aren’t you lifting? Boom. Twist those lyrics into something about fitness? Done.

Before I slide into the “opening image” that I use to break up the main column and the preamble, I’d like to say that as the time gets closer to my departure from where I live to where I’m going gets nearer, I am finding there is less time to do what I need to in order to stop looking like I do and start looking more like what I want. Trying to get rid of my house is turning out to be more work than I have time for and that is also because I have to work in and around doing all that, too.

Enough complaining…

FitSpecter570I woke up this morning (Veteran’s Day as I write this) and wanted to work out first thing. I can’t, though, as there are plenty of free meal deals I have to jump on at various parts of the day in order to maximize my status. I will be working out later, though, and that is because I’m done giving myself excuses. The only one I really am competing with, here, is myself, and right now I’m losing.

The excuses are varied. I’m stiff. There’s only an hour before bedtime. That show in our Hulu Plus queue is about to expire. I’m too cold. I worked too late. Enough!

My “once weekly” routine of exercising everything is nice to hit all the muscles but isn’t doing me much good in the department of working out regularly. Sure, I get to do this once a week but that day seems to drift throughout the week. Sunday the first week, maybe Monday or Tuesday the next week, then that drifts into Friday… you see how this is working? I need to solidify my routine, or I really can’t call the whole experience a routine, can I?

Let’s think about the word routine for a moment. That indicates that there is a pattern, a solid pattern, that isn’t really deviated from. I’ve been making excuses that make my workout drift later and later in the week and technically that means I’ve skipped a couple weeks here and there because I’m not into a routine yet. That isn’t going to get me healthy.

The other problem, outside of not really utilizing the “routine” as I should, is my nutrition has suffered severely. No, eating out today is not going to really help my situation, but I am not storing things in my house anymore and that makes decent meal preparations tough. I will be making the best choices I can at these free meal deals but I inevitably slip something in there that I shouldn’t be eating… like dessert.

I need to get back on the horse but I also need there to be a stable situation in order to complete a “routine.” Once I settle in to my new home, which is hopefully soon, I can really hit the iron.

Lift it.

Fitness Specter 12 – A Way of Life

Well, I’m back in the saddle… sort of. I am back to writing about fitness, at least, and I’m trying to get back into the habit of doing everything healthy. There are some obstacles, though, and those are some of the things I’m going to talk about right now. So, let’s get this party rolling once again!

FitSpecter300I’ve talked in the past about how to be fit, build muscle, and generally turn yourself into a pseudo-bodybuilder. Am I an expert? By no means, but I find that those who want to excel at something will learn the crap out of it… and that is what I’m doing with the whole fitness thing in general.

If you’ve been living under a rock, or generally don’t follow what I’m up to, then you might not realize that I have been attempting to move out of North Dakota to Oregon, which means that there is a slew of things that have been causing me problems in trying to be fit and healthy.

A week ago, I cancelled my membership to Gold’s Gym. Where I’m going there is no Gold’s Gym. Sad face. My wife and I have been throwing out everything from our house that we do not need and we’ve ended up with a very empty house. There isn’t much that we’re taking with us to Oregon because we have less room where we’re moving and we honestly don’t need most of what we had. This also means that our stores of food we’ve been keeping are also down to a “buy as we need stuff” level because we’re trying to eat fresher than we have in the past. While we wait to move, though, that means we’ve been eating out a lot more than we’d like to because the time for my wife to leave (she’s going first) is getting really close. As such, my nutrition has suffered. My workout schedule has also decreased from a massive six days per week to a day per week because I’m just too busy to squeeze in more… and I’m normally so tired at the end of most days that I can’t do much lifting. Oh, woe is me. I’m such a case of say one thing and do another.

It’s time to stop talking and start doing. Boom.

The basis for any healthy move, and in my specific bodybuilding case, is nutrition. I need to start eating better, eating healthier, and making better choices wherever I go to eat. When my wife leaves, that will mean picking up heads of lettuce, lots of rice, and butt tons of chicken breasts and just pre-making most of my meals and eating them and ONLY them. I am going to cut out bad fats, unnecessary sugars, all high fructose corn syrup, sweets, greasy stuff, and generally unhealthy things. That means going to McDonald’s will result in salads, Premium Chicken Wraps, and a complete lack of desserts/fries. That means a lot less frozen yogurt, ice cream, and generally less deep fried items. That means eating non-snack foods at home, eating less processed everything, and making sure that at least half of what I eat at home is a vegetable (preferably green). Nutrition will be the foundation and that is what I need to start with.

Another thing I need to establish is daily activity. DAILY ACTIVITY. That means walking 10,000 to 20,000 steps a day on top of running for a mile, two miles, walking up 50 flights of stairs, or bicycling for several miles. Cardio is the next important step I need to take and since I’ve recently read about how Flex Lewis (IFBB 212 Showdown Champion) does his cardio, I think I’d like to build up to that approach. I stress build up because he’s a monster and I’m a beginner. I’d like to be a monster but I also want to have a life, so if I just work up to that level of cardio, I may not have to lift quite as much because I know right now I’ll never be THAT ripped. Cardio is step two, though I could be working on that right now.

I have maintained my level of working out (once a week) for the last four weeks and I am going to start working my way back up to more than a single day per week. Right now I’m doing a little bit of everything but the first thing I’m going to do when I work up to two days a week is split my workout into two almost as intense workouts but more focused. I was initially thinking “upper body” and “lower body,” but I can’t do as much leg work at home as I can at a gym, so I’m probably going to incorporate legs with each of the two and split into back/biceps and chest/triceps. Abs all the time, too. When I get a month or two of two day splits done and get into that habit, I’ll work towards a three day split. While I have no more membership at Gold’s, I can still use the gym from now until the middle of December because of how far my dues have been paid. A three day split would need more of a gym membership as I’d due a legs/abs day separate of back/biceps and chest/triceps. You see where I’m going here, right? Four day splits, five days splits, and eventually a six day split… because even though I won’t look like a Flex Lewis or Kai Greene, I still want to look less like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Yeah… white and pasty.

If you’d like to join me, I’m a member of’s BodySpace. I will begin putting up more updates when I get the nutrition back under control. I want to help you get better, too, so don’t just look at me and cheer me on. Join me. Let’s be fit together and look at the others like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Let’s go lift.

North Dakota Measure 1

An unfortunate thing for me, I live in North Dakota. Tomorrow, I will vote on several measures that will not affect me in the slightest, but I feel the need to break with tradition (on my sites) and comment on one thing in particular: North Dakota Measure 1.

For those who might not know what I’m talking about, Measure 1 is the “right to life” measure that would alter the state’s constitution to read “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” As you might guess, the political advertising here is unbearable and I want to weigh in with what I, someone who won’t be affected by this measure, thinks.

The part that most bothers me is the “recognized and protected” part. My father died last year and he had a living will, which means that my brother and I weren’t going to keep him artificially living because we didn’t want that and he didn’t want that. The wishes of the dying should be maintained and if the wording AS IS goes through, that can be denied. Why? Because that right to die is deniable because the “right to life” must be protected. Pro-lifers are claiming that this isn’t the case but if you read the measure the way I just did, we only need one disgruntled pair of siblings and the measure can be used to artificially extend the life of anyone against their will. My father would have been denied the right to die without artificially being kept alive. That isn’t right and that isn’t the government’s business. I will not stand for allowing something this vague to pass in case someone else has to be in the same position I was last year.

There are connotations that there will be denials of IVF, or in vitro fertilization. I don’t read that in the wording but since the pro-lifers are trying to deny everyone’s rights to govern their own bodies… let me stop there for a second and address that.

I have absolutely no business telling a woman what to do with their body. I don’t care of they are carrying a child, doing drugs while pregnant, getting an abortion, or anything else. Absolutely nothing. I also believe that no one else has any business talking about anyone else’s body or what they do with that body. If you think that the pregnant lady in the corner of the alley smoking meth is killing the unborn, that’s not your concern. Stop trying to govern what people do with their bodies. Period.

Pro-life advocates, must of whom I refer to as anti-choice advocates, seem to think that their religion gives them the right to dictate what other people do in their lives. This is not the case and if I ever have an anti-choice religious nut tell me what I’m doing is against their religion, then I’m probably going to slap the shit out of that person. If I want to walk up and down the street screaming profanities and cursing your sky wizard, I’ll do that all I want and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. We live in a country that not only has freedom OF religion but freedom FROM religion. It’s YOUR religion, not MINE. Keep it to yourself.

Since the anti-choice bunch want to govern what everyone does according to their religion, I can see them taking this measure further and further until there is absolutely no freedom to do anything even remotely sexual without forcing the creation of offspring in the process. As a friend of mine ranted on Facebook recently about, why not “state that life begins at ejaculation because your measure isn’t strongly worded enough. Why not say that anyone who masturbates is killing babies and lock them up?” The anti-choice groups want to use the slippery slope argument, why can’t I?

Something most good parents do is tell a child that wants something that if they really want that thing, maybe they should take care of the similar things they already have. Why protect the unborn so vehemently when there are literally billions of starving, dying, and homeless children all over the world that you aren’t helping? Praying isn’t helping, praying is what you call doing something without actually doing something. Pray in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first.

In closing, if your motivations are truly altruistic: reword the measure. Make the measure wording VERY SPECIFIC. I’m voting no on Measure 1 because the wording is too vague. In fact, I’m voting against a lot of the measures because the wording is too vague and can open doors North Dakotans won’t really want opened. Think before you vote something in that will have those unintended side effects, like the one I listed above.

Like it or not, abortion in the USA is legal. This measure doesn’t make abortion illegal and the Supreme Court will strike it down if, sanity forbid, the thing passes. If you can explain things to me without using religion as the basis for the decision, then you shouldn’t be making laws to govern anyone else’s behavior.

Thus ends my political ramblings for as long as I can remain silent. This isn’t a political forum but I feel very, very strongly about this.