Wow… Just Wow

I’m on my last 16 days in North Dakota and these will be the longest 16 days in the history of mankind for me… until further notice, I’ll be failing to post anything new on this site. You know when I’m done, and they can’t hold me, so just be patient… I will return… in […]

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Fitness Specter 21 – Super Setback

Did you know the Super Bowl just happened? Were you aware that a great many people eat a great many things that aren’t good for one during the Super Bowl? Well, I was one of those people. As I write these words, my wife is 1500 miles away from me. Well, more, really, but that […]

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Chess Specter 5 – The Entertainment Equation

I have titled this one something I plan to expand upon. There is some confusion as to exactly what I’m talking about when I talk about turning chess into a commercially viable form of entertainment and I decided to just lay that all out in this column. First and foremost, get the idea of live […]

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UFC Specter 4 – Some People Are Stupid

There is some build up to the title of this column but I’ll go as quickly as I can. UFC 184 was to be headlined by Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort… until Weidman cracked a rib or something and now can’t fight. The co-main event, Rousey-Zingano, was moved to the main event, with […]

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Storytelling Specter 9 – Building From Scratch

I have several superheroes rolling around in my head that were going to be the basis for a big launch of an epic universe which everyone would love and adore. After my last column on this subject, though, I come to understand more deeply that the epic-ness of, let’s say the “Marvel Cinematic Universe,” is […]

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Game Specter 11 – Odds and Ends

There is something going on in the world around you, at all times, and you must really pay attention to catch the nuances that involve these things. Do you do that? I doubt that you do, on most things, but you may catch something now and then. Granted, you are not an investigator, on a […]

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