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Why is the Site Changing So Much?


Okay, so you might be wondering why things are changing so much over the last few days. Well, that requires a bit of an explanation and hopefully the changes are all done.

When I initially chose my template for the site, I was having a bit of a problem with some of the options. I changed to the template and then realized that there weren’t things I could change, leaving most of my hard work unseen by you, the readers. So, I changed to a similar, though completely different, template.

With the second template, I was having issues getting ANYTHING to work correctly, so I switched back to the original design while I putzed around with another template. I got to a point I was happy with and released the site again under the new template and once again discovered a glitch, causing me to look at the current template.

Currently, I have gotten the template to work where I’m happy to use it without any issues. I would enjoy using the slider option, to give the site a little bit of activity without needing to be physically posting anything, but I’m scared because all my other issues started with the slider, so I’m going to just leave things where they’re at.

So, enjoy the look and as long as I’m satisfied things are working correctly, this is how things will look.

Sorry for the confusion.

A Commentary on DC Universes

I’ve posted twice before about how the DC Cinematic Universe can rise or fail… and I still think that they will fail, overall, to achieve anywhere near the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I wanted to comment on another DC Universe: the DC Television Universe. DCTV for short.

When the CW launched the new Arrow series so soon after the Smallville finale stating they were going to “reboot the Green Arrow,” I was highly skeptical. Once I saw the show, though, I was overtaken by the awesomeness of what I was watching. The series got better with almost every episode that first season and I was all about seeing more. Season two came around and things were getting even better… and then they announced the Flash would be created and get his own show… I was worried.

Arrow was grounded in a reality but not so much that there wasn’t a taste of the fantastic. Having a completely “fantastic” character like the Flash burst into this universe would tilt things and I was skeptical, far more so than Arrow had me before I saw it, and I was worried that Flash would drag things down.

Then I saw the Flash. I now like Flash more than Arrow. I still like Arrow, I just like Flash better.

Since the Flash came on the screen, we’ve seen the shared universe of the DCTV expand. We now have the “team Arrow” crew: Black Canary and Arsenal. There is also the Atom with that evolving suit, and Brandon Routh is a great choice for the character. On Flash we’ve got Firestorm, a character I never thought I’d like and certainly one I never thought would work on TV. DC isn’t stopping there, either. Supergirl is on the way, though over on CBS, and I’m hoping that the new “team up show” centered around the Atom will bring about more characters I’d like to see expanded. I’ve heard of Hawkgirl on the show, and someone called Rip Hunter… I don’t know who Rip Hunter is but I know who is playing him and I’m interested.

What I’m saying here is that DC’s Cinematic Universe won’t be successful in the way Marvel’s is… but DC’s TV Universe is rocking in ways that Marvel’s is having an issue achieving. If DC could just take the training wheels off and allow some of the “big seven” to start gracing the small screen (beyond Flash), I think they could really do something special. Why not allow Aquaman to come on down? Cyborg, not a big seven, but still a heavy hitter… what about bringing in Martian Manhunter? Hell, DC, take the wheels off and shoot for a grounded version of the Green Lantern… Ryan Reynolds, while decent in the movie, was a terrible choice for the character. Terrible.

All in all, I think the DCTV will go much farther, and be much better in the end, than the DCCU.

I just wanted to throw that out there.

Fitness Specter 22: A New Beginning

I sit here writing for my website at 4:30 AM thinking: why the hell are you awake? Why the hell are you doing anything this damn early in the morning? Then I remember what I used to do this early in the morning and I realize it’s high time I stopped thinking things are just going to happen and prepare to hop back in the saddle.

Sadly, I’m just getting ready for work instead of getting ready for the gym.

I don’t have a gym where I live now. I don’t really have a set schedule that is conducive to working out at the moment, either. I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m not getting enough exercise. I’m not eating as well as I used to… but I want to do better.

Fitness Specter has taken an extensive break. I haven’t had a column since right around the Super Bowl and I think it’s time to relaunch this thing with a passion… and a new goal. I am going to get fit, both mentally and physically. This is going to be the flagship column on the site now and I’m going to be talking a hell of a lot more about the whole person instead of just the physical developments.

Eating out has been curbed extensively over the last two weeks. Moving to a new place, there are so many food options that you’re easily lost within seconds and almost every meal seems like an adventure. If you look at what I’ve been eating, though, I’ve only made one right decision on a menu because I’ve wanted to try so many things. Now that I’ve gone and done that, and gained about 15 pounds doing the testing, I think I need to refocus.

There’s a game out there that I’ve written about called Ingress. If you haven’t played and are interested, I highly suggest you join up. My username is limeflavored and if you use me as a reference, I would thoroughly enjoy the “recruiting” opportunities. The game has a theme of getting you out into the world and experiencing things to level up, gain badges, and generally participate. I’m going to turn my own fitness (both mental and physical) into a game like Ingress… there are going to be levels, badges, and I’m going to give you all a chance to play along because I’ll have solid milestones for achieving things.

I’m going to game-ify fitness.

The overall structure is being built and I’ll explain more as I go. I’m trying to include as much “getting out and doing stuff” type activities as possible and I’m also trying to include less computer based items, like actually reading books (for example). I hope you’ll join me, or at least support my efforts.

This is 2015. This is the year I was supposed to be skinny and buff. I am neither of those things and the year is over the quarter mark… and the third mark… I need to refocus.

Time to get fit, people. Time to get back on the horse and tame that thing. It’s time to get back to basics.

It’s time to lift.

Checking In


Without preamble, I am changing the website. Not the name, the look. I am just going to start tinkering. With these aesthetic changes, something may not look right here and there but things will after some time. I’m not going to blast the site, I’m just going to slowly transition. In fact, that may be the way of things from this point on…

I was writing columns and those will pop back. Not all of them but a few. The Greatest Show is plugging along at a nice clip and I’ll be starting to podcast solo again… just a random assortment of musings about whatever strikes me. I wanted to start podcasting at the beginning of this year but work didn’t cooperate. Now I am just going to pick a time and go for it.

That’s all for now, though. I just wanted to let you know that things may not look the way you expect next time you swing through.