The Emerald Specter 5: Playing the Game

I think I’m safe talking about work in the open in this post, especially considering I’m going to be talking about how to improve one’s situation instead of commenting on coworkers or specific situations. I can’t be told that helping others improve isn’t good form, right? When I got promoted to supervisor at work, I […]

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The Emerald Specter 4: Deep Thoughts

Welcome back to the Emerald Specter column. I’m going to address a few things today and they’re going to be all over the map. Bear with me.  First and foremost, I’ve said this recently and I’ve decided to say it again here on my site: you will rise to the station in life as high […]

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The Emerald Specter 3: Rise Up

The past couple of weeks have been a little rough for me and I’m ready to climb back on the horse and start getting stuff done. Yes, I used “and” twice in that sentence and I don’t care. What I do care about is laying out a path and getting ready to do some serious […]

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