Emerald Specter 11: Last Post of the Year?

This isn’t going to be the last post of the year. Who are you kidding? There is still a whole week I can post things! Coming in this new year: the Emerald Specter Premier League. Starting when the schedule says that it starts (January 3), you’ll start seeing results from matches from the only soccer […]

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Specter Who 6: A Retrospective

It’s time to revitalize Specter Who and start numbering this bad boy. The most recent Capaldi season is over and I have decided to start pushing forward with some content and looking at what it is we all love… in a new way. We all have our favorites: stories, Doctors, companions, episodes… but when I […]

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Emerald Specter 10: Stream of Consciousness

My intent was to write a Fitness Specter about stress… and the more I thought about things, the more I realized I just need to write something that maybe doesn’t have a whole lot of focus. The term for that is “stream of consciousness” and I’ve not done a whole lot of that because I […]

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Fitness Specter 34: Recovering From Injury

It’s high time I write a column about fitness again. It’s also high time I explain why I haven’t written in so long, and talk about something on the forefront of what’s been going on lately. It’s high time to stop saying high time. Go. First and foremost, I’ve been busy as hell lately. I’ve […]

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Coming in January: The Specter Show

It’s time to announce that my return to podcasting is at hand! I shall be starting my new audio podcast in January (intending on weekly, but we’ll see how that goes) and I’ll be going with as broad of topics as I think I’d like to cover. There will, of course, be a concentration about […]

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Never Settle, Never Satisfied

As the title implies, I’m rarely ever content (with my website). I switched to this: About halfway through 2015 and it was a novel looking idea but after seeing how difficult it is to navigate and get the attention of certain things within the site, I think it’s time to change to something less “novel” […]

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