Emerald Specter 15: Catching Up

Time to check in with all my loyal readers, listeners, followers, and whatnot. Sure, there could be more, there could be activity, and there could be a lot in the way of posting going on here, but who am I to complain. If you haven’t noticed, I changed the look of the site up. The […]

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Emerald Specter 14: Time is the Enemy

Some wonder why I don’t post more often. Some wonder why SpecterFit isn’t actually a weekly thing. Some wonder why the ESPL isn’t running non-stop year round instead of being simulated “seasons” like a video game you don’t need time in between. The thing about all these items is that they require time. Time is […]

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Sorry, 404: The Greatest Show Not Found

Sorry, folks. There have been some things that will prevent us from appearing tonight on the Greatest Show. Kevin seems to have been tamed by his horrible, horrible bosses into working during the time we record the show. Stupid bosses. Tricia has come down with something that has taken away that beautiful voice, and since […]

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ESPL Week 22 – And There Would Be Champions

The race came right down to the end, the fate of the league’s first season is capped off with one club being crowned the champions. Will the leaders coming into the week, Gothica, pull out their victory? Will their closest competitors, Shamrock Celtic, overcome the odds and win the championship? Only the recap will tell […]

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