ESPL Off-Season 3: Wordsmiths

As stated last time, in an unprecedented move, we have the reveal of a founding club logo redesign, something that is sure to turn some heads. “The original logo suited a launch just fine,” said Zeke Pike, club manager on behalf of Wordsmiths ownership. “However, when ownership saw that merchandise wasn’t coming off the shelves […]

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SpecterFit 43: Um, What?

The SpecterFit 1 event is out. I’m needing to start things over, in my personal life, and I’m going to stop treading water with this column and start writing more about things that will help. I don’t want to preach or act like I’m all “mightier than thou,” which I sometimes felt was what I […]

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The Greatest Show 88: The Masqueradening

As if the skies opened up and a messianic hand reached out to tweak your nipples, the Greatest Show is here to broaden your horizons on all things… and tweak your nipples, because that’s what we promised. For your viewing pleasure and entertainment, DJ will be joined by the lovely Tricia, the hippie looking Metal […]

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ESPL Off-Season 2 – Logo Reveals

Welcome to the second Off Season post for the ESPL! This time, we have some brand new identities to look at for the new clubs that are joining the league for Season 2! The first club that revealed their logo was also the most straightforward logo that could have been revealed. Octagon (officially Octagon FC, […]

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