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ESPL Off-Season 3: Wordsmiths


As stated last time, in an unprecedented move, we have the reveal of a founding club logo redesign, something that is sure to turn some heads.

“The original logo suited a launch just fine,” said Zeke Pike, club manager on behalf of Wordsmiths ownership. “However, when ownership saw that merchandise wasn’t coming off the shelves in the same fashion as many of the other clubs, they decided to redesign the shield and do something that would not only give supporters something more modern and effective to wear, but also something to signify the new direction for the club.”

As you will recall, the Wordsmiths changed managers from Matthew Albright to Zeke Pike, because of the “second from the bottom” finish on the ESPL table. Club ownership decided that their position not only warranted an entire staffing change, they also wanted to change the look.

“I’m excited about what they decided,” said Jason White, new team captain of the Wordsmiths. “We had a nice look before, but this really pops. I’m proud to be leading the club on the pitch with this new shield representing all of the players, the stadium, and the supporters, as we will do better than last year and look forward to continuing to advance into the future.”

What the Wordsmiths revealed is below:


As with any logo, there will be detractors and the Wordsmiths ownership hopes that those detractors aren’t going to be amongst the ranks of their supporters. The launch of this redesign, right before the deadline, is sure to be turning some heads as the club looks to not just “rise in the table,” but also actually bring more points to the club via wins.

“I’m here to win,” said Zeke Pike. “We are here to win. If we win two matches, that’s a 100% turn around. I’m not going to be satisfied with two wins, though. I want to win double digits and I want to give players a reason to check us out for Season 3. There is a general feeling that none of the clubs in the bottom half of the table will do much better this season, and I want to make sure that we look much more attractive to the top players in the league. I want to make sure brand new players want to come here, too, in order to make this club a champion.”

Only time will tell.

The schedule comes out next! Stay tuned!

The Greatest Show 91: I Forgot What Our Topic Was


In typical DJ fashion, he forgot what the topic was… but that doesn’t matter, because plan B is just as good! Or maybe plan A will actually happen… find out!

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The Greatest Show 90: What 80s Show is Making a Comeback This Fall?


Deep in the hearts and minds of the viewers of the Greatest Show, that being the Greatest Show Audience, is what the hosts like to talk about. This week, we talk about TV shows, in our TV show edition, and could we have the inside track on an 80s TV comeback? Tune in and find out!

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SpecterFit 43: Um, What?


The SpecterFit 1 event is out. I’m needing to start things over, in my personal life, and I’m going to stop treading water with this column and start writing more about things that will help. I don’t want to preach or act like I’m all “mightier than thou,” which I sometimes felt was what I was writing before…

Time to drop some knowledge.

I’ve lost 91 pounds within the last five years. I’ve regained almost all of that weight because I stopped doing the things that got me there. There’s something that I know because I’ve lived it. There is the number one reason why diets don’t work, as soon as you go off them you regain the weight. Change has to be a lifestyle change, not a “three week diet.” That doesn’t work.

Portion control used to be my only Achilles heel… but I’ve been eating out, a lot, lately and that makes me realize that I’ve stopped looking at what worked to get me thin. Making food at home, concentrating on the good proteins, low fats (the bad ones), controlling the portions, and eating more of the good foods in general (like fruits and vegetables).

Let me not forget the other part of the equation: exercise.

My wife and I used to walk 10,000 steps a day or more and when we moved out to Portland, that stopped happening as often. In fact, the walking we do doesn’t happen consistently and while we don’t often walk a lot while we are “off work,” my job changed drastically enough to where walking wasn’t much of an option. The bosses would tell you differently, but the percentage of office work to “being on the street” is easily 80/20. Twenty percent of walking or exercise to everything else was not really happening.

I’m going to be getting back to basics.

Eating out is “once in a while,” or less than everyday. Walking will be included in that, and since my sole focus at work currently involves lots of walking, I’m already started. My job will be changing soon, too, to mostly walking, therefore I shall be doing MUCH better. The weight will be coming off and if I just curb my terrible eating habits (that I’ve fallen back into), then the weight will be coming off much faster.

I’m aiming for 100,000 steps a week. I use the HealthKit on my iPhone, I use my Apple Watch, and I want to set some goals. With the 100,000 steps, I want to have my activity rings on my Apple Watch to be complete… every single day.

Who is with me?

The Greatest Show 89: How to Hide Porn on Your iPhone


Yes, there are actual instructions for hiding porn on your iPhone in this episode, as well as the wonderful words from the Emerald Specter himself (DJ), Tricia, and Metal Jesus. Will more grace us? Who knows?

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The Greatest Show 88: The Masqueradening


As if the skies opened up and a messianic hand reached out to tweak your nipples, the Greatest Show is here to broaden your horizons on all things… and tweak your nipples, because that’s what we promised.

For your viewing pleasure and entertainment, DJ will be joined by the lovely Tricia, the hippie looking Metal Jesus, Saurabh the Spectacular, and Morgan Imperial is even scheduled to appear! We shall talk about RPGs, maybe what we’ll end up playing on the show, we’ll talk about Doctor Who, because Morgan and I are sorta the super experts on the subject, and we’ll talk about random stuff like always.

Are you ready for a rocking rollercoaster ride of drinking, debauchery, and drinking? Wait, I said drinking twice… that’s okay, we’ll be drinking, too!

There will be an opportunity to get something (almost) free! LIVE!

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ESPL Off-Season 2 – Logo Reveals


Welcome to the second Off Season post for the ESPL! This time, we have some brand new identities to look at for the new clubs that are joining the league for Season 2!

The first club that revealed their logo was also the most straightforward logo that could have been revealed. Octagon (officially Octagon FC, though they will be identified primarily without the “FC”) released their logo fairly soon after the rosters were announced in the last update. Their logo is below:


“We chose to go with something that doesn’t carry a lot of flash,” said Drago Visilli, club manager. “There were other options that presented some more ‘flair,’ but in the end the ownership wanted something that wouldn’t take away from the action on the pitch.”

The predominant white banner in the center takes center stage on this one, perhaps more than the ownership of Octagon intended, though this is only their debut logo and as many of the other clubs have already stated, their debut logo may undergo some changes as time progresses.

Next up is Citrus LF (the LF standing for Lime Flavored, in honor of the website formerly owned by


“Citrus LF has designed something that encompasses everything the club is about,” said Matthew Albright, club manager. “The lime shape, the soccer ball pattern, and the colors. Citrus LF is all about the action on the pitch, bringing supporters in for brand new club action, and hopefully we’ll last long into the future.”

Next in line is the one that had a clear direction with their logo:


“Tardis wants to bring in the Doctor Who crowd that is also a football crowd,” said Jason Druid, club manager. “We are interested in keeping the focus on the pitch but representing who we can, where we can.”

The final club to reveal their logo is also one that looks eerily similar to a logo that is already in use:


Queensdaisy has defended their decision to co-opt the crown in the logo because Real Olympia stated, roughly mid-season, that they were intending to go away from the crown logo in favor of something more resembling a coat of arms, or a “proper football badge.”

“We are proud to be represented by what has come out of the logo design meetings,” said Shawn Alexander, team captain. “I’m going to be thrilled to stroll out onto the pitch every week and I think we’ll distinguish ourselves over Real Olympia, so there won’t be any confusion. I don’t personally see any confusion.”

There are now 16 clubs in the league and there is a buzz, a discussion primarily among the league’s club owners, about adding two more clubs for Season 3. Since we haven’t even started Season 2, some speculate that the expansion talk for a season not yet guaranteed by the league itself is a little premature.

In other logo news, Wordsmiths have announced plans to reveal a new logo before the start of Season 2. They didn’t want to roll into this announcement, as to not get lost in the shuffle, but this website can state that they revealed the design to ESPL officials early enough to make the uniform/logo design use  cutoff for a season.

“Any uniform or logo changes need to have a release early enough to allow us to present merchandise for the season its used in,” said DJ Allen, owner of and founder of the ESPL. “A team, or club, can’t release a new logo the day before opening matches expecting the league to allow it in because supporters want kits, they want blankets, they want the scarves, and the league wants to allow them to have that in their stadium stores.”

Wordsmiths will reveal their new logo, but we’ll have to wait a little longer for that.