ESPL Week 8: A New Number One

In a return to the old format, if just for a few posts (or maybe the long haul), we give you the awaited Week 8 recap. Let’s not wait any longer! Starting off with the first game of the week, Queensdaisy hosted Allen FC and managed to lose 0-1. The match was a heated contest, […]

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Emerald Specter 37: Getting Things Together

Did I just use a color image, an OLD color image, on the new formatted website? Yes, I’m in a mood, I’m ready to rock, and I’m ready to write about things finally coming together. Boom. Read on. In the 37th outing of this column I am drudging back up the color images, the polished […]

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The Specter Show 004: Sanctified

The Emerald Specter, DJ Allen, comes to you with the fourth edition of the Specter Show, a show increasingly becoming about self improvement. Nothing wrong with that, though. This week, DJ discusses the bullet journal game he’s failed to get anything done on but explains what he envisions for the gamification of the bullet journal […]

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ESPL Week 7: And One Shall Fall

“I’m Martin Thomas, and I welcome you to the seventh week action of the second ESPL season! I am joined by my co-commentator, David Archer. Let’s take a look at the overview before we begin covering topics.” “David,” said Martin Thomas, ESPL commentator, “What do we need to know about all of this?” “Martin,” said […]

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Emerald Specter 36: I Can’t Argue With Results

Shut the front door! Another column? What? Man, someone is on a roll… and that isn’t all I’m on a roll doing. Read on, be amazed, and I’ll be talking about how I achieved all this awesome. Before I get too deep into this column, unless the ESPL question asked a column or two ago […]

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The Greatest Show 116: GSFS 6 – February Fallout

The Greatest Show Fight Series returns for the 8th installment! Join the fight fans in watching the following card: Greatest Show World Championship “Emerald Specter” DJ Allen (C) v. “Mystery” Kevin Couick 3 Greatest Show Women’s World Championship “Silky” Tricia Allen (C) v. “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey “Shotgun” Bob Miotto v. “Notorious” Conor McGregor Bruce “The […]

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The Specter Show 003: Down In It

For the third edition of the Specter Show, DJ Allen (the Emerald Specter) brings you more talk about the space opera and the direction that is going. And most importantly, DJ has figured out why the feed was getting zero interest and he corrected that to show everyone that there is a new podcast out […]

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ESPL Week 6: Explosive Remarks

The great round of action in week 6 is overshadowed… not by last week’s announcement, though that was in the minds of everyone around the ESPL, but by Patrick Barnes and his tirade after being tossed out of the match in front of all the ESPL media. There was great action on the pitch as […]

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