Journal of the Emerald Specter 70: Building Something Wonderful

Welcome, welcome, welcome! There is a little bit different look to things, if you haven’t noticed, as I’m launching the new look by replacing graphics over the course of the next few days (or weeks)… I’m not going to wholesale switch everything immediately, as that tends to stress me out and I don’t need that […]

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Journal of the Emerald Specter 69: Pump Up The Volume

Here’s a little bit of a different column, I’m going to be writing about two topics (with one obviously taking the majority of the column). There was a movie that I wanted to discuss, sort of in the vein of the nostalgia trip I took with the last three weeks, but without the solo RPG […]

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An Update

During the Christmas season, I’m working massive amounts of hours and haven’t had a chance to get much done in relation to the website, BuJoRPG, or anything of the sort. While staffing issues at the post office this year are part of the problem, I just want to say that when the “peak season” is […]

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