Emerald Specter 121: The Dream

I am a table top RPG gamer. I’ve loved the hobby for as long as I’ve known about it and the obsession with the hobby ranks right up there with chess for me… and if you’ve read anything on this website, you know I’m a little obsessed by chess. Table top RPGs, which I find […]

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03: I’m Not A Vampire, I Don’t Believe In Them Yet

Kent needs some alone time… or maybe not. Kris and Kent start discussing the strange obelisks that they’ve both discovered. Working together, they find more obelisks and appear to be making some progress. Kent finally starts asking questions that he should have a while ago. Kris Larson is played by Robert and Kent Larson is […]

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02: He’s Got A Drinking Problem

Kent and Tiffany spat. Kris meets Officer Dave, checks out some new locations… to him. More drinks are worn. Kent gets arrested and his hatred of the police department begins. He thinks he’s above the law. Kris Larson is played by Robert and Kent Larson is played by Aaron. The storyteller is DJ Allen. Story […]

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01: He Liked Fish

This is suspected to be the first actual play on the Internet. We broadcasted from May 2006 to September 2006. Enjoy. Kent and Kris wake up without a memory. Cars, money, guns, IDs, and a girlfriend? Kent’s skills with women prove to be highly inadequate. Kris’s skills prove to be worse. They meet Tiffany. They […]

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Emerald Specter Actual Play

Welcome to the newest feed on Emerald Specter.com. This will house the actual play podcasting that has previously been done (two iterations under the old website) and any future additions from there. We’re going to start off with the first actual play podcast on the Internet: Legacy: Shadows of Blood. This game was played shortly […]

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