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BuJoRPG Dev Blog 006: Designing Old into New

There can certainly be a loss of focus in any project and BuJourneyRPG is no exception. While you might have rolled your eyes at that statement and thought “great, he’s off the rails,” you shouldn’t be worried because I’m talking about paying too close attention to one thing and not the other.

I’ve been so busy staring at the “story” that I’ve sort of let the “self improvement” aspect sit on the shelf and collecting dust.

Using the skill tree theory I’ve previously mentioned, I was focused on the actual things in the tree without necessarily allowing for how to achieve those things. While a passing “collect some sort of points to unlock the nodes” has been the focus, how do you acquire those points?

Self improvement.

Why just play through a story but to collect some Tree Points (TP, so I can shorthand this article a bit) when you can go from walking 5,000 steps a day to 7,500? Why just play through a story when you can learn the basics of a foreign language (like how to say “hello”)? While stories should certainly award TP, they shouldn’t be THE focus of leveling up on the skill tree.

Sometimes a slight course correction is needed to keep the goal directly ahead and that is what I’m talking about.

I’m still moving forward.

BuJoRPG Dev Blog 005: The Power of Why

I am about to start thinking of BuJoRPG development as a three year old. What I mean is that I’m going to ask “why” a lot.

For example, why go with hexagons as the tree design? It’s aesthetically pleasing and forces me to branch out more often. Why do I want to branch out more often? The more branches there are, the more interaction you’ll have to work on the story and your self improvement.

That’s just a short example.

The inclusion of certain aspects I was considering, once met with the “why” barrage, failed to hold up. If something doesn’t last through at least two questions, then why should it be included? I want some level of sophistication in this game but I don’t want it so difficult as to force casual users to hit me up constantly asking for clarification.

One thing I do want is to make it simple enough to understand solely by reading the instructions. Something I noticed with BuJoRPG v1 is that because I left so many things “up to judgment,” I end up getting a lot of questions about those open ended things. BuJourneyRPG will be more task oriented (like for walking, running, learning, etc) and should, by design, be easier to just throw into your own journal.

Bullet journaling IS supposed to make organization simpler, why wouldn’t I want BuJoRPG to do that as well?

So, let’s use an example of something I’ve decided to include and go from there.

Why are there four attributes (PHY, MEN, SOC, and EMO)? The foundation of any character is built on a solid foundation and I’ve boiled down basic attributes into just four. Why four and not two, three, five, or more? While being easily measurable, PHY and MEN (or PHY, MEN, and SOC) are a little too basic. On the flip side, more than just adding EMO to that list overly complicated things. Each attribute has sub-attributes to fulfill offense, defense, and recovery roles for each main attribute. Anything more complicated than that will make things overly complex.

I’ve so far eliminated a couple of things using this method that didn’t really have a purpose “at present.” I need to also keep in mind that I can add things in when I develop that aspect. A developer friend once said “development of a [system] is something that happens in layers, like an onion.” He was talking about apps but the same can be applied here.

Build the battle system to work independently of anything else. When that is done, build the gear system to modify your stats for the battle system. When that is done, build the “farming” mechanism to get the gear for that… it continues like that.

BuJourneyRPG is being built almost exactly like that. I built the stats before the battle system (which is still under development). Otherwise, onion.

I’m not entirely sure when the first viewable set up will be available but I’ll do videos as soon as something is worth showing.

BuJoRPG Dev Blog 004: Physical vs Digital

Something I’m having a hard time deciding is if I want to stay digital only or do both digital and physical media for releasing BuJoRPG and BuJourneyRPG. I know some folks out there use the physical only because that’s really what bullet journaling was designed for, but there are those of us (me included) that think digital is better because of the problem of storing “physical product.”

I’ve made some inquiries into wholesaling or custom printing a bullet journal with BuJoRPG loaded into it already. My inquiries have been met with silence, which I find odd considering I’m asking about purchasing something from a company that sells things. Their loss, though. When I find a company willing to print journals with BuJoRPG pre-loaded in them, I’ll put them up for sale.

There will always be digital, though. It’s the easiest thing to do, logistically, and as long as I’m designing the system digitally anyway, sending out the digital product isn’t a big deal.

Videos are still forthcoming, I’ve got some free time coming to dink around after March ends.

BuJoRPG Dev Blog 003: Power Creep

Back again so soon? YES!

It has come to my attention that my “tree” idea might cause something I’ll call “power creep.” Basically, in a nutshell, that means completing a couple of these adventures and exploring the entirety of each of the trees for those adventures might have you, or your character, at a power level well outside of what would be considered pleasing… like, you start adventure 1 with a basic “early learning” type power level, but by adventure 6, you’re so strong that you waltz through the entire story without much resistance at all.

How is that any fun?

I do not currently have a solution for this, but I have put a little thought into the idea. How about having the story “scale” with your character’s levels… instead of “villain has power of 3,” you’d have “villain has the power 115% of your current power level.” It’s just a thought.

The only other idea that I had before I sat down to write this was to have your character enter “the matrix” with some basic level scores, regardless of what your accumulative scores are… that would seem to work a little better than the first option, right?

I would love a little feedback on this… if you’d like to drop me a line… use the subject line “BuJo Dev” and I’ll make sure my email programs don’t scrap those…

I’m still working on things but I wanted to put out another blog post with the problem I ran across in my excitement to move forward. This is precisely why I needed a Dev Blog.

Coming Soon… BuJoRPG and More

There has been a lot of thinking that has gone on for the better part of the year so far… and I’ve already launched the BuJoRPG Dev Blog, which has immediately made an impact with traffic. So, with some other tings on my plate and a rough outline of a plan made, let me tell you what is about to happen in the next few months on

First and foremost, BuJoRPG and those related items are going to come to the forefront of what happens on this site. You will see more BuJoRPG related items, whichever version, than anything else on the website. This is “where my bread is buttered” so I need to start catering to what people want if I’d like to succeed. That means a couple of things are going to need to be explained if this is going to work as promised.

All pre-written columns will release as scheduled. They were written on a rotating variety of topics, some of them are “in the can,” so I’m not wasting that content. After the pre-written and loaded stuff finishes releasing, I may put out an unrelated column from time to time, but the Emerald Specter regular column as a non-BuJoRPG column will drastically be reduced.

Podcasting is coming back. The Specter Show is going to be recorded during a trip that I’m taking soon, so you’ll get a new episode and that episode will be heavy on the BuJoRPG content, so if you’re into audio, listen in. After that, the Specter Show will probably become exclusively BuJoRPG content, meaning I can either keep this as audio-only content or move into the “video” that I took a poll about, making way for a switch in format.

Website redesign is also impending. I’ve used this theme for my site for about two years and I’d like to switch things up to put content first. Some links will become obscured, disappear, or generally head to the background while I concentrating on making BuJoRPG content front and center. Along with a general “refreshing new look” I’ll be adding things into the site… like some game-ified content, as well as some other interactivity things (like the return of the forum, which will have a serious BuJoRPG related direction). I can’t say what I’m adding yet because I don’t know all the particulars, but things will definitely be more interesting if you show up on the site.

Things that are going to change drastically: the Greatest Show will probably be highly infrequent, with my desire to keep the show active and the hurt I’ll suffer if I let the show die after running for 5 years. The latest recorded episode will be released on both YouTube and through the podcast feed, as soon as I can figure out why my programs aren’t operating like they should…

Another big change, as explained before, is the pull back of the Emerald Specter column. I may make a commentary now and then but regular weekly releases are going to go away (for the foreseeable future). The stuff in the can will drop until it is done and then you’ll see a lull… a BIG lull.

Projects that have been stewing for some time are going to be removed from the site. Chess related items, which will be discussed in an upcoming release, will be removed almost entirely from the site. That’s not a big traffic item and when you read the column, you’ll understand why I’m pulling things back.

Social media and Patreon will become more important as I progress forward. If I get Patreon support, I’ll have exclusive content as well as being able to dedicate more time to BuJoRPG related items. No Patreon support and I continue at the current pace, which is a “if I have time, I can work 15 to 20 minutes here and there” situation.

Finally, with the new look will come the opportunity to have some new content. BuJourneyRPG is story related items and I would potentially like to post some of my own story related work on the site. No plans are set in stone but if the drive hits, I’ll add a special section for those that are interested.

BuJoRPG and BuJourneyRPG are going to be taking up most of what gets posted here… and now that I’m killing the regular release of Emerald Specter, I can put out MORE BuJoRPG content because I don’t need to shift my focus to anything else.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for impending changes…

BuJoRPG Dev Blog 002: Trees

Look at this! I’m already back for another update… and I’m probably going to ramble on this one a bit. I also have visual aids!

In BuJoRPG Version 1 (V1), there weren’t any Attributes to advance and all the stats just climbed up as you acquired them. So, for example, if I wanted to level up my walking steps, the number just climbed and allowed me to earn XP to advance my level. Input directly affected the level. This isn’t a terrible mechanical concept but I want BuJourneyRPG (V2) to be a little more nuanced.

In case you’re wondering, I’ll be short handing the V1 and V2 in every blog and I’ll be explaining what is what each time in case it’s your first blog post. I’m also bolding terms that are important and vital to V2 the first time to kind of highlight features.

Back to the good stuff.

I was going to follow the pattern of leveling up the attributes in a similar fashion, having things that advance Physical (PHY) be physical activities, having Mental (MEN) be mental activities, and so on. This would have a direct and pointed means of advancing the attributes. While you might think this is simple, it would also unbalance the four attributes if you didn’t allow yourself to expand your horizons.

It’s important that the attributes remain somewhat balanced because the story elements are going to be tagging all four attributes. If you’re using V2 for one of the four attributes because you feel lacking, great… but there is now a mechanic I’m working on to allow the attributes to remain balanced, even if you never want to work on the MEN attribute.

Let me introduce “Advancement Trees.”

This works from the bottom up, meaning that single hexagon at the very bottom is where you start. In this example, you have three paths you can choose to advance your attributes and other skills (I haven’t defined skills yet, so no bold). Maybe the first hex at the bottom is a PHY +1, with the option in the second level being a (red hex) MEN +1 and (yellow hex) Social (SOC) +1. Even though there isn’t a yellow hex at the bottom, you need to unlock certain levels to enter that advancement tree branch.

Each hex provides another boost or advancement point. This will keep things balanced (somewhat) so that you can, if you want, only work on one attribute story type. The concept came from Final Fantasy X’s “Sphere Grid” (which is pictured below).

The basics of the Sphere Grid is that you start in a spot and work your way around to gain new nodes to unlock. The V2 version is the Advancement Tree above (simplified). If you decide to go with just the red hex path, you would have connecting tissue between each hex to connect them. For the purpose of this example, I simply blurred the other two paths a bit.

Choosing the red path in this example would allow you to acquire the necessary attributes, maybe even skills, or perhaps even some sort of items, in order to help you “level up” and finish the particular story you’ve chosen to go along.

An example would be that if you’re playing a Space Quest (a generic Star Trek) adventure, you’ll get all the attributes you need in order to get from “level 1” to “level 10” and accomplish the end goal.

I’m betting someone is asking “what about going back to finish the other paths?” This is your own journey to improvement, you can clear the whole Advancement Tree if you’d like… it’s your journey. As long as you’re unlocking each “hex” before you advance to the next one, you’re doing it right.

There isn’t a mock up or generic tree made up yet. This concept came to me in trying to figure out how to keep the attributes somewhat balanced. Leveling (whatever that ends up being called, if anything else) will happen regardless of story or improvement. The idea has just come up and I’d like some time to work on it…

For those wondering about the YouTube video portion of this little blog: I want to be able to show something in progress before I start making them. There would have been a lot of still image type stuff and talking (rambling). I hope everyone is happy that I started with the small stuff in type first.

BuJoRPG Dev Blog 001: The Beginning

You’ve waited for it, and it’s here.

I looked at the poll and I decided that everyone would be happy with a bit of video AND a blog, so I’m starting with the blog portion and I’ll do videos now and then. So, let’s get to the goods.

Unlike the original BuJoRPG, I boiled down the BuJourneyRPG to four basic Attributes: Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional. They are abbreviated as PHY, MEN, SOC, and EMO accordingly. These are the basic building blocks of what you’ll be working on to advance yourself in the BuJourneyRPG experience.

At the heart of BuJourneyRPG, just like the original BuJoRPG, is a conflict resolution system. Each of those attributes has three sub-attributes that serve specific roles. Those roles, first, are offense, defense, and recovery. PHY has Power (PWR), Fortitude (FOR), and Vigor (VGR). MEN has Will (WIL), Stamina (STA), and Vitality (VIT). SOC has Charisma (CHR), Control (CON), Resilience (RES). EMO has Faith (FTH), Piety (PTY), and Spirit (SPR). Each of the sub-attributes are listed as offense, defense, and recovery.

Some of you might be saying “conflict resolution” is just a fancy way of saying combat. Well, yes… but without a conflict resolution system, I can’t move this forward in a direction that will allow for advancement against “obstacles” in a conflict resolution scenario. Combat, specifically, is a PHY situation. Combat, though, is simply physical conflict resolution. You still get three other attributes without “combat.”

It’s a small start, and this is all for this installment, but I am still working forward towards the next update. I probably won’t wait for a full month to update again, as I’m in a fast paced development stage.

Stay tuned!

Emerald Specter 109: Back to the Bullet Journal

What a strange and unexpected twist of fate that has befallen me in the prior 2018. After having a great push with BuJoRPG, BuJourneyRPG, bullet journaling in general, and getting things all moving in the right direction, I fall off the wagon in 2018… hard. Almost no journaling was done.

I need to fix that.

Without jumping directly into the meat of the story, let’s have ourselves a segue. Let’s talk a little about life.

In 2018, I had a really good year at work… until I didn’t. Recovered from a sprained left foot, I was starting to really get into the swing of the route I would have been perfectly happy retiring from (a walking route) and then something strange happened: migraines.

There was a four day span of time where I had a migraine so bad (nearly constant through the four days) that I couldn’t do anything productive. The fourth day sent me to the hospital where I received an injection of the prescription I now have in case these return again. My migraine went away within 15 minutes and hasn’t come back on since that bad. The cause? Brain swelling. I’m a little concerned that the doctors didn’t seem more concerned at brain swelling but I can’t complain since the migraine hasn’t been crippling since…

Until yesterday, that is. I’d already taken other medicine and couldn’t take the prescription but things finally cleared up with a hefty amount of water and some foot (in a darkened room). Headache tangent over.

After my four day migraine incident, I started having problems getting through my route. My hip was really starting to hurt by day’s end and there was an accompanying shooting pain going down my leg that also wasn’t helping matters any. Prognosis? My hip bones are degenerating and I have bursitis… I probably also have a sciatica issue (the shooting pains), but that isn’t diagnosed.

So much for walking my happy 15 miles per day.

The hunt then began for a route that I could do that is a driving one. We call those “mounted” in the post office and I seriously started looking for one because I didn’t want to stop working or switch to a new career path again. My 15 mile a day route was in the second closest office to where I live and I happened across a route that was THE closest to where I live… and got the route.

This office is the smallest in the city and that usually means retirement type routes, older carriers, and people who just want to sail their way out the post office on the easier side of life. While this wasn’t what I discovered is the case, there was a route that I happened into that has given me a new lease on working.

I am pretty sure that I’ll be retiring off this new route.

Starting a new route always has some growing pains and since I won the route bid basically right before the Christmas season, I was going to have harder pains than I normally would… which is fine, because I’m now out of the season and I’ve got a strong handle on the route.

I say all that to say that work has been a load of ups and downs that I’m finally settling into a pattern again.

On the journaling side of things, the old office I worked in had us working in excess of 12 hours on a regular basis from January until just into May of 2018. That left me almost no time for journaling, of which I started a brand new one for 2018 with a Doctor Who theme… Journaling just wasn’t happening.

With this non-stop workload, I also had almost no time for BuJoRPG or BuJourneyRPG development, though I did release a cleaner looking “book” for the rules of BuJoRPG version 1. I was well into doing the same for the inaugural BuJourneyRPG when I hit a snag and wasn’t able to progress much.

I discovered digital bullet journals and made my own custom journal with the intent of heading into 2019 journaling. The digital journal will be something I develop for sale with the release of BuJourneyRPG (as well as some digital BuJoRPG journals), with the game built right into the journal. This doesn’t mean all the calculations will be done for you, but it does mean that you won’t have to worry about finding the rules (as they’ll be baked into the journal).

Once I had the digital journal set up (bare bones for me), I moved to starting something else that will benefit all the BuJoRPG fans out there: learning Swift.

Swift is the programming language for iOS to allow me to make apps for the iPhone and iPad. Since I’m obviously pointing towards creating the BuJoRPG into an app, this will be something that benefits the entire community and allow me to update things in the app (as well as making some of the calculations happen more automatically rather than everything being manual).

Yeah, that kind of defeats the idea of bullet journaling, but I’m keeping the heart of the actual journaling manual while making the gamified portions easier.

That leads me into the meat of this column…

I know what you’re thinking… damn, this column is already getting long. Well, keep on reading because now I’m going to start talking about what you came here for: BuJoRPG.

Earlier this week I posted a poll about how you’d like to get your BuJoRPG Dev Blog. While one option is video and would technically be a vlog, I’m not playing semantics and just allowing you to choose how you want your Dev updates.

The blog would contain pictures when applicable but be a lot of description about what is being worked on. While the video would obviously also be visual, the idea here would be to have my personal digital journal on screen with information while I’m explaining what is being worked on and how I arrived at the decisions I did. I’d also be talking over this and I gave this as an option because I think it would be popular and draw in more fans due to YouTubers looking for bullet journal stuff.

Honestly, though, I posted the poll because I don’t know what would be more popular.

On my end of things, I’m not on Facebook in 2019. I just decided I didn’t need that kind of negativity in my life and I’m going to move into the new year without worrying or arguing about what others think and do. This will give me untold free time as I won’t be mindlessly scrolling a news feed and can work on RPG stuff instead.

Back on track, I want to also note that there is a “branding” conversation that I’ve had with myself and I want to explain things before I continue because I’m getting tired of referring to multiple items in a single sentence.

BuJoRPG (version 1) has been the base version and when I use that term, I’ve really been referring to just version 1 in that sense. BuJourneyRPG is technically BuJoRPG version 2, which is why I altered the name slightly so I didn’t have to constantly say “version 1 or version 2.” BuJourneyRPG will always be BuJoRPG 2.

What I’m going to be doing about talking about things is no longer referring to them by their separate names every time. If I use BuJoRPG, I’m going to mean either version 1 or BuJourneyRPG unless I’m specifically calling out one or the other. I am also doing this in the event that I start working on a BuJoRPG version 3, meaning I don’t want to be talking about three things by typing BuJoRPG v1, BuJourneyRPG, and BuJoRPG 3. See? That’s a lot of typing and now that I’ve stated that, let me move on.

The purpose of V2 was to expand what I’d already created in V1 so that you could have something interesting to do in order to “level up” when you weren’t working directly on your self improvement. I was thinking more of the “stuck at a relative’s house for a holiday and can’t self improve” type of situation but I quickly let V2 go nuts into more detail than that… almost allowing you to skip self improvement all together.

That isn’t the point of V2. You still need to be working on improving yourself as the base and that’s the reason I started involving my wife into the development of BuJourneyRPG.

I’m going to save all the technical talk for the Dev Blog, which I originally planned to release on January 1, 2019 but wanted to know what was a better option for those out there: reading or viewing. When I get a decent sample size (more than 10, ideally about 100 but I’ll settle for a small outcome), then I’ll start putting out content in that manner.

Since I’ve already gotten a fair ways into V2, I am bringing at least the basics with me into development with my wife on board. This will give us a launching platform to start working towards what I think will be my best BuJoRPG yet (with only one other version, that shouldn’t be hard).

I’ve got a new iPad Pro for 2019, with pencil, and I’ll be working on some art for this project as we go. My art is not as awesome as I would like to believe but if I don’t start migrating from using other people’s art, I won’t be able to sell things that I own because I won’t own all of it wholesale.

In 2019 I will make progress with BuJoRPG. I want to be able to have at least a beta release of BuJourneyRPG by the summer, otherwise have a full and completely working version out by December at the latest. Since I’m journaling, I can schedule time for this and keep track of my progress.

Though I’m not going to be committing to anything at this point, I’ll be jotting down some thoughts and ideas for a BuJoRPG 3 possibility while developing 2. Just some concepts or directions I’d like to go in, nothing as far as putting those concepts into practice for the time being.

If I’m going to think of myself as a company (with BuJoRPG as my product), then I have to start thinking of doing things like a company (like being knee deep of a version or two in the future than is actually out in the world).

Answer the poll and let’s get 2019 started going in the right direction!

Emerald Specter 108: Creating a BuJoRPG Dev Blog

Once again, I delve into the world of bullet journaling and BuJoRPG (and BuJourneyRPG). Before I get started into the meat of this article, it’s important to understand what has been happening and why this subject (the one in the title) came up.

First and foremost, the “Christmas season” is my busiest time of year. I assist my wife with her dog and cat treat business (if you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you go there).

I also work for the US Postal Service and that, by default, means that I’m super busy (due to the much, much higher volume of packages this time of year).

Just these two things combined would be enough to break many people but I also have the added things of keeping up with certain games (I’ve invested a lot of time into Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes), social things I want to participate in (things like movies I want to see), work related meetings to attend (union related), and just everyday house maintenance.

There’s a lot on my plate this time of year… and to set myself up for success next year, I’ve decided on creating the BuJoRPG Dev Blog on this site. Let’s get to the meat of the column.

My initial plans for BuJourneyRPG have hit a snag that I just didn’t have time to fix before the holiday season washed over me like a tidal wave. Sure, there are fixes for these things but the overall idea is that I needed to start thinking of how I wanted to change that system in order to make it work with what I originally planned.

I also received a message from someone asking for a “chick version” of BuJoRPG… more on that in a bit.

Up to this point, I have not asked my wife for help on creating BuJourneyRPG. I haven’t really gotten any help from anyone, and that let’s you peak behind the curtain to learn the fact that all of this has been 100% me since the get go.

When I asked my wife to jump on board this little adventure, she was excited and I made the decision that BuJourneyRPG, while definitely still “adventures on top of self improvement” needed to be far more dynamic than the limited scope I was initially planning.

After doing some pondering, I also started to realize that I needed to be making notes, or updating things in a more open space, to show that some progress was being made… and then, of course, I didn’t have time to get that started, so I’ve lost a couple of the notes I’ve made already because I made them on paper and paper gets misplaced.

My new idea was to create a Dev Blog, something solely dedicated to working with both versions of BuJoRPG (which I’m pleased to say is still THE reason people come to this site).

Some time over the course of the next two days to two weeks, I’ll create the fancy new header/cover image for the blog and start posting in January (when work slows down enough for me to gather my head together to start putting things into words people can read rather than just being abstract images in my head). 

What’s going to be in the Dev Blog?

I need to let you know that BuJourneyRPG is going to be a revenue generator for me because I can only do so much if I’m not getting paid for the work. That’s 99% of the reason I haven’t gotten much farther by this point than I have. Having said that, the base system is going to be free… it’s the story and developmental elements that are going to cost some money.

Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to be trying to sell you something tiny for an extravagant amount… the idea is to make it an easy decision to purchase because you aren’t taking out a mortgage on the house. Think more “candy at the cash register” than “brand new hard cover book” purchases.

The Dev Blog itself will be about what I need to work on, what is being worked on, and some of the details of that work that is being done.

For example, I might mention that I’m developing a mechanic to represent a magic system. Then I tell you about the options I came up with and that I’ll be testing out those options to figure out the best one. Finally, I may tell you what I’ve settled on and what is coming up next.


Is the character sheet mentioned way back when still happening?


My first character sheet was designed to be something you could keep going back to in your journal rather than recreating the bones of that every time you updated (like I had for BuJoRPG Version 1). I still love the idea and while I don’t have a solid sheet to show you (yet), I happened across a completely awesome sheet while looking for the cover for this column (image seen below).

The full sized image can be seen here.

There is way more going on on this spread than my simple character sheet, but this is only going to make me alter the spread slightly… because there are things on this sheet that won’t apply to BuJourneyRPG (obviously) and things that need to be included that aren’t on this spread, too.

It’s at least something to fire up the creative thinking.

How often will the Dev Blog be updated?

Ideally, I’ll be updating it weekly (or multiple times per week). Unfortunately, free time and creativity do not run on a schedule, so the updates might also come slower than weekly (but no less often than monthly).

The point of the Dev Blog is to update you when something needs to be updated, so if I make massive amounts of progress in a short period of time, then maybe you’ll get five updates one week. If things are moving slower, then maybe you’ll only get three updates a month.

Would anyone else be able to help with the creation of BuJourneyRPG?

I’d like to say yes, but that might also mean sharing the profits. While there is a plan for that in the future, I’m not quite ready for an entire team of people coming on board at this time.

This does not mean that if you make suggestions on how something might work better that your suggestion wouldn’t be taken in and used. Especially with the building of the base system, I would love a little involvement from others.

In fact, let me say that: I would love help with the base system. It doesn’t pay but you’ll help set BuJourneyRPG up to be a success in the future.

As far as the “after the base system is out,” I’ll be interested in developing some basic language learning adventures, weight loss adventures, and other self improvement specific items that would need someone to be fairly knowledgable in creating those. (I, for example, can’t run you through learning French because I don’t know a lick of French… and a French speaker would be able to adapt my Vietnamese learning method into BuJourneyRPG with far more robustness than I could provide).

What about the “chick system?”

I almost forgot to include this in the post!

A woman contacted me about BuJoRPG and asked me for a version of it “for chicks” (her words, not mine). What she was ideally asking for is a system that didn’t have “combat” in it. That lead me to start thinking up some stuff that might be an alternative…

BuJourneyRPG already had a version of “no combat” baked in and I hadn’t realized it until she made that request. Combat in BuJourneyRPG can be physical, mental, emotional, or social… which is more “conflict resolution” than actual combat. There NEEDS to be a system of conflict resolution, otherwise you’re just reading a book or learning something the boring old way.

My wife was happy to hear about the request and that is when I asked her to jump on board the project. When Christmas winds down, for both of us, we can start working on things. 

I do have stuff to post on the Dev Blog that has already been developed and I can post about with the new base system.

Why do you keep saying “base system?”

The idea is that BuJourneyRPG isn’t just a self improvement method like BuJoRPG was. There will be components to BuJourneyRPG that aren’t related to self improvement at all, while other elements will heavily rely on self improvement.

My base system will allow you to participate in different genres of adventuring and self improvement without tying you down to one specific genre.

You might start off in a space opera genre to get the story laid out and then head over to a high fantasy genre for your self improvements for the month. After that, you might hit up a military genre for another self improvement portion and finish up with some adventuring with mythological unicorns for story.

All of those will feed into the base system.

If I’m being honest, I really need some accountability to keep me moving forward. Too often have I promised something only to shove it under the rug to do something else.

I have a touch of ADD.

I look forward to making this happen and finally putting out a version of BuJourneyRPG that everyone will enjoy.