Chess Specter 5 – The Entertainment Equation

I have titled this one something I plan to expand upon. There is some confusion as to exactly what I’m talking about when I talk about turning chess into a commercially viable form of entertainment and I decided to just lay that all out in this column. First and foremost, get the idea of live […]

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Chess Specter 4 – Chess on TV

The BBC used to have a show on TV called “the Master Game,” where they’d recreate a chess game that would be interesting to watch (paced well, commentary, great players, etc). Here’s a link to an episode that isn’t ideally what I’m looking at to do for chess in the modern day but there is […]

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Chess Specter 3 – For the Rest of Us

Is my attempt to make a “entertaining version of chess” for the best players in the world? Have you ever thought that the Grandmasters of chess would be interested in doing what I’m proposing? No. This is chess for the rest of us. There are several levels of players in the world of chess. When […]

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Chess Specter 2 – First Class

Anytime I talk about chess, I end up telling the same story about what I experienced and would like to see happen in the chess world. Rather than tell the story again, from scratch, I’ll just go over the highlights. In the school year of 1986-1987, there were a few of us in my class […]

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Chess Specter 1 – A New Beginning

Welcome to the inaugural Chess Specter. Let’s get started. I am a proponent of the idea that chess should be able to be a “spectator sport.” What I mean is that chess could easily be a TV game that highlights the personalities of the players and has expert instruction from a commentating team watching an […]

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