060: Into the Void

Behind the scenes there is a lot of stuff going on… whether or not you’re super happy with that, I guess is entirely based upon what you want to see from this podcast and/or site. Patreon is discussed (tiers and goals), software for podcasting MAY have been located (needs to be tested), and would you […]

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059: The Way Out Is Through

This one is a doozy: start the episode talking about podcasting, head to Patreon related things, SpecterChess, writing, and end with a plea for Patreon to get things going where they need to be going. Don’t miss out! Thank you David E. for your support on Patreon! Host: DJ AllenIntro Music: The Idea of You […]

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The Greatest Show 150: Jedi Family Bush

DJ, Tricia, Metal Jesus, and Saurabh are joined by Dallas, Tiffany, and Dan from Fear the Boot as they all discuss Star Wars and more! This is a 150th Epiversary special edition! Video version on YouTube. http://media.blubrry.com/spectershow/p/www.emeraldspecter.com/limestore/GreatestShow150.mp3Podcast (greatestshow): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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057: La Mer

DJ Allen has returned from a long hiatus to try to get back into the swing of things with talk of BuJoRPG, BuJourneyRPG, work, SpecterChess (hang in the chess fans, it’s in there), plans, the new look for the website, and more! Thank you David E. for your support on Patreon! Host: DJ AllenIntro Music: […]

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The Greatest Show 149: Hugs With Blood

DJ and Tricia are joined by Metal Jesus and Mel for a reunion that has been almost 6 months in the making! http://media.blubrry.com/spectershow/p/www.emeraldspecter.com/limestore/GreatestShow149.mp3Podcast (greatestshow): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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Emerald Specter 112: Back to Podcasting

I’ve written something like this before and I’ll likely write something like this again in the future. The point of everything is really planning out what will happen when and being ahead of the curve. Podcasting is coming back and I need to change my philosophy on accomplishing what I’d like to get accomplished in […]

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Emerald Specter 103: Bad Habits Denied

I’ve talked in the past about getting over bad habits and though I’ve been working hard to avoid mine (the time wasting ones with zero benefit), I’m having a devil of a time staying focused on the prize: progress. I have caught myself at least five times starting to slide into a rabbit hole of […]

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Emerald Specter 101: Overloaded

“What the hell are you doing?” “I’m doing what I need to do in order to get things–“ “No, you’re overloading yourself with crap that you don’t need to be messing with right now. You’re stressed out, fun things aren’t getting done anymore, and you’re losing your hair.” “My hair is already gone.” “Metaphorically.” Yeah, […]

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Emerald Specter 100: Finally

Who would have thought I’d get all the way to 100 with a column that is basically about nothing? Sure, I talk about things that are involving my life, projects, and it provides me with a place for some personal commentary, but #100? I’m going to talk about a variety of topics, so buckle up, […]

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