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The Greatest Show 108: GSFS 3 – Christmas Clash

We won’t be bringing you a show this week with our beautiful faces, but what says Merry Christmas like watching virtual versions of us beat the living crap out of each other? Yep, it’s the Greatest Show Fight Series 3 – Christmas Clash (Allen v T), featuring the following battles:

(C) “Emerald Specter” DJ Allen v. “Bad Intentions” Mr. T
(C) “Silky” Tricia Allen v. Queen Elizabeth II
“Heavy Metal Jesus” Kevin Lama v. “Iron” Mike Tyson
“Angry Salesman / Shotgun” Bob Miotto v. Wil Wheaton
“Soft Rock Messiah” Kevin Couick v. Kim Jong Un
“The Professional” Saurabh Agashe v. Hulk Hogan
“El Presidente” Abraham Lincoln v. “The Chosen One” Confucius

Don’t miss the action as we got a lot of really good fights out of this one… I can’t wait for the next one!

The Specter of the UFC 2: Two Fights in One



So I messed up and took a screenshot instead of creating the video for my first official fight in the house… above is the screenshot, though, and should give you enough of a picture of my first round knockout of Lap Hai. I was disappointed that I didn’t have video to show, but I did decide to immediately release to you the next fight because I want the videos out there in the world.

DJ “The Doctor” Allen vs Byron Wilkinson
The Quarter Final Fight in the Ultimate Fighter

Anyone that is watching should notice that I throw punches like they’re going out of style. I want to knock my opponent out and now that I’m in this for my own career instead of a created individual, like my previous career mode experiment, I want to make myself a little more well rounded as a fighter. I haven’t changed yet, though, so the hits just keep coming. My primary goal at this time is to start covering up more because I take way too much damage and the further I go in this endeavor the less likely I’ll be able to continue taking the damage that I have or be able to fight nearly as long because my body will give out on me.

More to come…