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  • Kent tries to pull “a Kris.” The players start trying to put things together, together. The mail reveals some intriguing information. Obelisk mysteries start getting figured out, the duo travels around to sta […]

  • Kent blows up the police station in a glorious conflagration. Kris meets two new redheads and makes friends. Kris is getting into and out of more night clubs. Kent still can’t get ahold of Tiffany. Kent sees t […]

  • Kent starts learning about other Disciplines from one of the books he found. Kris and Kent cross reference their “conspiracy board” with their hand drawn maps. The pair stop trusting each other, mainly due to met […]

  • Kris is at a club and looking to score, because he’s a pig. Kent really deepens his plans, hiding more things for access… and goes on a rage bender unlike anyone has experienced before now. A visit to Jac […]

  • Kent sets up the Internet, checks his trunk, checks Kris’s Trunk, and starts making plans for the future. Kris watches TV to learn about vampires. Kent shops for safes while Kris heads out to some night clubs. A […]

  • Kent and Tiffany head to do some “shopping.” Kris and Jack some trips around town, visiting some interesting locales. Tiffany doesn’t get everything she wants. Kent is itching for a fight at a night club and f […]

  • I am a table top RPG gamer. I’ve loved the hobby for as long as I’ve known about it and the obsession with the hobby ranks right up there with chess for me… and if you’ve read anything on this website, you know […]

  • Kent needs some alone time… or maybe not. Kris and Kent start discussing the strange obelisks that they’ve both discovered. Working together, they find more obelisks and appear to be making some progress. Ken […]

  • Kent and Tiffany spat. Kris meets Officer Dave, checks out some new locations… to him. More drinks are worn. Kent gets arrested and his hatred of the police department begins. He thinks he’s above the law […]

  • This is suspected to be the first actual play on the Internet. We broadcasted from May 2006 to September 2006. Enjoy.

    Kent and Kris wake up without a memory. Cars, money, guns, IDs, and a girlfriend? Kent’s s […]

  • Welcome to the newest feed on Emerald This will house the actual play podcasting that has previously been done (two iterations under the old website) and any future additions from there.

    We’re […]

  • Another column? I thought you were done with the “Emerald Specter” columns, DJ.

    I was, technically, but I also have the need to post about something specific and I wanted to keep it in a format that everyone […]

  • Hey, all! I am back, finally, with another Dev Blog. I have some time, so I need to get to work on some stuff… and that stuff is BuJoRPG and BuJourneyRPG related!

    The decision has been made to run the […]

  • A potpourri of snippets this week as DJ doesn’t have the full time for a recording. Bullet journal roleplaying is discussed, audiobook ideas are discussed, SpecterChess is coming to a screen near you, and you’ll […]

  • Did my audio/video test work? Why wasn’t there proof it worked, if so? What about the bullet journaling and BuJoRPG? Listen and find out!

    Thank you David E. for your support on Patreon!

    Host: DJ AllenIntro […]

  • I’ve mentioned on the Specter Show about my old podcasts being lost forever due to a server crash… but while I was poking around my old site content (I have two previous versions hidden deep in my folder tree), […]

  • Behind the scenes there is a lot of stuff going on… whether or not you’re super happy with that, I guess is entirely based upon what you want to see from this podcast and/or site. Patreon is discussed (tiers […]

  • This one is a doozy: start the episode talking about podcasting, head to Patreon related things, SpecterChess, writing, and end with a plea for Patreon to get things going where they need to be going. Don’t miss […]

  • Is there talk about BuJoRPG and BuJourneyRPG? A minor little bit about what happened over the last month is actually the case at hand, talks about what has kept DJ from BuJoRPG activities, about going to 5 days a […]

  • DJ, Tricia, Metal Jesus, and Saurabh are joined by Dallas, Tiffany, and Dan from Fear the Boot as they all discuss Star Wars and more! This is a 150th Epiversary special edition!

    Video version on YouTube.

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