Emerald Specter 42: In Charge – DC Edition

This article was spawned by a Newsarama story and is really a different version of what I did with my┬áMarvel take over. Without getting too “into” the press conference portion of things, let’s launch this a little differently because DC has different issues than Marvel. DC Comics has a history laden with retcons, reboots, and […]

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Emerald Specter 41: In Charge – Marvel Edition

There is always a reason for people to complain about the comics industry. Some people want diversity, some don’t. Some people want continuity, some don’t care. Some people want the status quo of the hero to remain unchanging, and some want progress. No matter what the industry does, there seems to be an issue with […]

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Emerald Specter 40: Things I’ve Learned

If you came to this column expecting to hear about some great list of things that has made me some grand and important person, then you haven’t been reading this column in the past. I am “great and important” in training, so I’m still learning. This is about what I’ve discovered about my bullet journalling, […]

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