BuJoRPG Dev Blog 007: Juggling

If you didn’t realize why I’ve been quiet lately, I recently moved. I should actually say I am still in the process of moving because there is still a lot to do to reach “the finish.” I didn’t want to be quiet the WHOLE time, so I’m posting a little interlude about BuJourneyRPG.  Something that […]

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BuJoRPG Dev Blog 006: Designing Old into New

There can certainly be a loss of focus in any project and BuJourneyRPG is no exception. While you might have rolled your eyes at that statement and thought “great, he’s off the rails,” you shouldn’t be worried because I’m talking about paying too close attention to one thing and not the other. I’ve been so […]

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BuJoRPG Dev Blog 005: The Power of Why

I am about to start thinking of BuJoRPG development as a three year old. What I mean is that I’m going to ask “why” a lot. For example, why go with hexagons as the tree design? It’s aesthetically pleasing and forces me to branch out more often. Why do I want to branch out more […]

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BuJoRPG Dev Blog 004: Physical vs Digital

Something I’m having a hard time deciding is if I want to stay digital only or do both digital and physical media for releasing BuJoRPG and BuJourneyRPG. I know some folks out there use the physical only because that’s really what bullet journaling was designed for, but there are those of us (me included) that […]

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BuJoRPG Dev Blog 003: Power Creep

Back again so soon? YES! It has come to my attention that my “tree” idea might cause something I’ll call “power creep.” Basically, in a nutshell, that means completing a couple of these adventures and exploring the entirety of each of the trees for those adventures might have you, or your character, at a power […]

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Coming Soon… BuJoRPG and More

There has been a lot of thinking that has gone on for the better part of the year so far… and I’ve already launched the BuJoRPG Dev Blog, which has immediately made an impact with traffic. So, with some other tings on my plate and a rough outline of a plan made, let me tell […]

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BuJoRPG Dev Blog 002: Trees

Look at this! I’m already back for another update… and I’m probably going to ramble on this one a bit. I also have visual aids! In BuJoRPG Version 1 (V1), there weren’t any Attributes to advance and all the stats just climbed up as you acquired them. So, for example, if I wanted to level […]

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BuJoRPG Dev Blog 001: The Beginning

You’ve waited for it, and it’s here. I looked at the poll and I decided that everyone would be happy with a bit of video AND a blog, so I’m starting with the blog portion and I’ll do videos now and then. So, let’s get to the goods. Unlike the original BuJoRPG, I boiled down […]

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Emerald Specter 109: Back to the Bullet Journal

What a strange and unexpected twist of fate that has befallen me in the prior 2018. After having a great push with BuJoRPG, BuJourneyRPG, bullet journaling in general, and getting things all moving in the right direction, I fall off the wagon in 2018… hard. Almost no journaling was done. I need to fix that. […]

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