The Specter Show 035: Big Man With A Gun

A little bit of a lot of things as the Emerald Specter talks about chess, the PRO Chess League Podcast, comics, and a little bit about the Greatest Show. What about the “getting back to basics” with bullet journaling? Yeah, that too. Host: DJ Allen Intro Music: The Idea of You by Nine Inch Nails […]

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The Specter Show 034: I Do Not Want This

Back at the regular day (for the last time), “the Emerald Specter” DJ Allen discusses his chess journey; from learning the game, to the middle school chess club, Chessbase news, playing, Endgame (the Bobby Fischer book), the PRO Chess League, and the impending PRO Chess League Podcast! Host: DJ Allen Intro Music: The Idea […]

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Journal of the Emerald Specter 56: The Big Roundup

What the green hell is going on? Yeah, things aren’t all that terrible but I wanted to have a chance to talk about a lot of things in small chunks that have been happening so that I can roundup everything that needs to be rounded up before moving forward with other stuff. So, first of […]

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The Specter Show 032: Ruiner

BuJoRPG2 is the focus, once again, and this time DJ (the Emerald Specter) doesn’t beat around the bush. The idea is to make sure that the “beta” is being done out in the open so immediate feedback is available, which you can download the initial beta release here. References to Kingdom of Loathing, Star Wars […]

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Journal of the Emerald Specter 54: Discoveries and Doubling Down

There are things happening, all the time, on this website, and with myself, that are in motion… almost everything I do is subject to my self-diagnosed ADD, which means occasionally I get distracted by things and then have to refocus my efforts to get back on track. Oddly enough, the BuJoRPG was supposed to get […]

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Journal of the Emerald Specter 51: Battles and BuJoRPG

Another Journal entry is being made and you’re here to read it, for which I am thankful. There is another dose of this and that, with some larger pieces of the puzzle being more prominent, I’ll still be covering a plethora of topics. As a note, I’ve seen my traffic dip even further down. I […]

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The Specter Show 027: Mr. Self Destruct

Heading towards a single topic show, DJ “The Emerald Specter” Allen briefly talks about some topics before getting into the meat of the show: chess., chess playing, chess podcasting, and more! Host: DJ Allen Intro Music: The Idea of You by Nine Inch Nails (from Not the Actual Events) Outtro Music: The Perfect Drug […]

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Chess Specter 6 – Moving Forward

I notice an uptick in traffic each and every time a column is published, so I’m going to see what happens when I go bonkers on the same day with a whole bunch of stuff getting put out. Are you ready? Part of what I like to talk about chess is making the chess game, […]

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Chess Specter 5 – The Entertainment Equation

I have titled this one something I plan to expand upon. There is some confusion as to exactly what I’m talking about when I talk about turning chess into a commercially viable form of entertainment and I decided to just lay that all out in this column. First and foremost, get the idea of live […]

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