Fitness Specter 9 – Methods of Madness

Do you think that using body weight training is the only way to go?  What exactly are your thoughts on using exclusively machines to build that physique?  Is your philosophy to exclusively use free weights to become a monster of the gym?  I look at all these questions in the most exciting Fitness Specter to […]

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Fitness Specter 8 – Road Workouts

Sometimes you have to leave town.  Sometimes you have to leave town for an extended period of time.  There are even sometimes when you can’t get yourself to your gym when you go out of town.  This column is all about working out options that don’t involve going to a gym. Not everybody has the […]

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Fitness Specter 7 – Pump Up to the Jam

I don’t know anyone who works out that doesn’t listen to some music while they’re doing so… in fact, there is so little people interacting with each other at the Gold’s Gym I go to, I sometimes wonder if anyone really goes there because they want to.  What I’m saying about that they probably want […]

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Fitness Specter 6 – Goals

Welcome to the Fitness Specter WEEK, folks.  In honor of the impending Mr. Olympia contest on September 19 & 20, I’m putting out a Fitness Specter every day this week.  That means five full columns of Fitness Specter goodness, starting right now! In this Fitness Specter, we are going to talk about setting goals.  Want […]

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Fitness Specter 5 – The New Blueprint

I’ve been doing my own thing since the third week in January with working out and I do feel like my muscles have gotten bigger, I do feel like I’ve gotten more fit, and I am happy with the meager progress I’ve made… but I had to do something different and I certainly needed to […]

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Fitness Specter 4

Have you learned, yet?  What I mean is: have you been eating clean? I had missed a great many days in the gym over the course of the last couple of months.  There is a lot I feel bad about not doing and the fact that I’m back in the gym and hitting the weights […]

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