Ingress Intel 7 – The Graphic Novel Review

Cryptozoic Entertainment brings to us the Ingress Origins graphic novel, which originally was slated to come out in early September but was pushed back allllllllllll the way to November. I purchased my copy via preorder, especially after discovering the ONLY way the shop would have gotten the item in is via preorder because they didn’t […]

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Chess Specter 4 – Chess on TV

The BBC used to have a show on TV called “the Master Game,” where they’d recreate a chess game that would be interesting to watch (paced well, commentary, great players, etc). Here’s a link to an episode that isn’t ideally what I’m looking at to do for chess in the modern day but there is […]

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Chess Specter 2 – First Class

Anytime I talk about chess, I end up telling the same story about what I experienced and would like to see happen in the chess world. Rather than tell the story again, from scratch, I’ll just go over the highlights. In the school year of 1986-1987, there were a few of us in my class […]

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Game Specter 7 – Reusing Old Ideas

How many ideas have you run through other game groups, ages ago, and were just allowing those ideas to collect dust while you toiled over coming up with something new? Tens? Hundreds? Millions? If you said millions, you have too much time on your hands, but I am about to talk about reusing old ideas! […]

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Game Specter 6 – Creating a Game

As I write this, I have had a discussion with my buddy Bob and will begin designing a game for a group of us to play together… online. So, the question then becomes (especially considering the last column’s content): what am I going to run? While the subject of this column is sort of up […]

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Game Specter 3 – Three Pieces of the Same Game

I have always wanted to create my own gaming system. ¬†Though I wanted to write this time about FATE and what I’m learning, I’ve come across some stuff that I really wanted to comment on and since that’s game related, I’ll do a Game Specter on it here, instead. ¬†You get to go on a […]

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