The Greatest Show 100: It’s About Time

This is it, kids. This is the 100th Epiversary of the Greatest Show. We have finally arrived and we are ready to rock the crap out of this very special episode. We’ve been known as the Greatest Show Online, but we eliminated the “Online” because we are not just the greatest show online, but we’re […]

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The Greatest Show 96: Podcast of the Living Dead

Saurab has been eaten in the first wave of the living dead. Soft Rock Messiah made it out alive… barely… he’s living off of scraps from the local Dick’s Sporting Goods… and their vending machine is almost out. Heavy Metal Jesus hasn’t left his room and the bucket he craps in has been full for […]

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Friday Night’s Greatest Show? Yes sir!

With Bob out camping, Saurabh across the pond, Metal Jesus investigating the intricacies of belt sanders on human skulls, Soft Rock Messiah looking for leprechauns, and DJ & Tricia attending the UFC Fight Night (Portland) event on Saturday, there will be a Greatest Show (Friday Night Edition) for you tonight. We aren’t exactly sure what […]

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The Greatest Show 94: Do You Smell Popcorn?

This one is balls out one of the best shows we’ve ever done… wait, how can I say that before we have even started the event? Damn. I guess we’ve got a lot to live up to, then. Boom. DJ, Tricia, Bob, Metal Jesus, and we’ll see who else shows up! The YouTube Page. The […]

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The Greatest Show 92: We Are Animated (Cartoon Edition)

This one is a doozy, kids. We will have us some prime time talk about all things animated… Saturday morning cartoons, Anime, Pixar-esq stuff, and that’s just the tip of the flipping iceberg. This ship won’t sink when we hit that large chunk of frozen ice, either. Expected hosts are DJ (THE Emerald Specter), Tricia, […]

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