Sorry, 404: The Greatest Show Not Found

Sorry, folks. There have been some things that will prevent us from appearing tonight on the Greatest Show. Kevin seems to have been tamed by his horrible, horrible bosses into working during the time we record the show. Stupid bosses. Tricia has come down with something that has taken away that beautiful voice, and since […]

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The Greatest Show 80: Partial Nudity

This is the Game of Thrones… no, wait. This has nothing to do with the Game of Thrones… except we might talk about Game of Thrones sometimes. What we really need to be talking about is partial nudity… yeah, that’s the ticket. Bob returns! He controls the forces that control the zombies (via Xbox controllers […]

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The Greatest Show 79: FCBD Special!

The good news: the Greatest Show is BACK! The bad news: we have 100% less Bob this week due to him watching a friend’s band at a bar. Boo! We have Tricia! We have Kevin Couick! We have METAL JESUS! We have DJ! Join us!

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