The Greatest Show 69: Bill & Ted Would Be Proud

In our 69th episode, we rock this podcast like no podcast has been rocked before… except for the cool stuff we did in other podcasts, which really means we are just going through our awesomeness further… here it is… Bob & DJ (plus cooking!). This is the real link.

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The Greatest Show: News and Updates

First and foremost, here’s last night’s fresh new episode… embedded here for you for your convenience. In fact, I’ll be embedding more of these videos here on the site in case you’re all wanting to stop clicking through links to get to them. Bob and I have been working hard at figuring out when we […]

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Coming Soon: The Specter Show

I’ve talked about having another podcast/netcast/audio/video show for some time with my significant other and the time has come to actually put that information out in preparation for the eventual show debuting in (what I hope to be) January of 2015. Yes, I will be back in 2015. The Specter Show, as I am calling […]

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