Journal of the Emerald Specter 71: Bring on the New Year

Shut your mouth, it’s 2018! Yeah, yeah… I know, “hey DJ, you probably wrote this last year and we are only just seeing it now.” Well, that is true… but I’m a lot closer to the actual release date than previous articles have been over the course of December, so I’m nearly real time. But […]

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ESPL Week 8: A New Number One

In a return to the old format, if just for a few posts (or maybe the long haul), we give you the awaited Week 8 recap. Let’s not wait any longer! Starting off with the first game of the week, Queensdaisy hosted Allen FC and managed to lose 0-1. The match was a heated contest, […]

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World Football 1

This was posted… should have been scheduled.  Ooops.  It’s only 3 days early. Sure, I let the first “World Football” just be a generic post… but now I get to make them into a column.  Why not, right?  Better graphics will eventually come, of course, but this one will do for now. By the time […]

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