Review of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

I have been playing this game for some time now and I thought it was time to write a review… right at the cusp of something that just happened, which angers me immensely. I am a free to play player. I do not purchase things that are… shall I say, micro purchases, so that means […]

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Review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I literally just got home from watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As I have started to do with many of the “big release” movies, I am reviewing that for you here on Emerald Let’s get to it. I am a Marvel fan, have been since I started actually “collecting” comics. While the […]

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Emerald Specter 9: The Review of Spectre

The 24th installment of the James Bond franchise has come out and the results are both encouraging and discouraging at the same time. Do read on. Going into this movie, I was hopeful for something meaningful in the way of a James Bond story. My Bond is Daniel Craig because he’s played the character better […]

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Ingress Intel 7 – The Graphic Novel Review

Cryptozoic Entertainment brings to us the Ingress Origins graphic novel, which originally was slated to come out in early September but was pushed back allllllllllll the way to November. I purchased my copy via preorder, especially after discovering the ONLY way the shop would have gotten the item in is via preorder because they didn’t […]

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