Journal of the Emerald Specter 63: The Benefit of Hindsight

Technically, this will be a “random history” column, but will also fill the role of figuring out how to move forward with concepts and ideas… it’ll all make sense as I role this out. The problem with this particular bit of random history, I find myself unsure of a heading image to use… I want […]

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The Specter Show 029: Heresy

In what can only be called a “plethora” of topics, DJ discusses such topics as the BuJoRPG 2, No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises update, Specter of the Galaxy, the Greatest Show, serial fiction, a PRO Chess League podcast, and more! Host: DJ Allen Intro Music: The Idea of You by Nine Inch Nails (from Not […]

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BuJoRPG – Wuxia: Rise of the Iron Garden (Version 1.8)

Welcome to Version 1.8. I have begun work on the BuJoRPG 2 and this release needed to happen before I got too far into the process. I modified the instructions to include the new features, so there are undoubtedly grammar, spelling, and context errors in the text. Please forgive these as I look to the […]

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Fitness Specter 34: Recovering From Injury

It’s high time I write a column about fitness again. It’s also high time I explain why I haven’t written in so long, and talk about something on the forefront of what’s been going on lately. It’s high time to stop saying high time. Go. First and foremost, I’ve been busy as hell lately. I’ve […]

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Fitness Specter 33: Progress Has Come

So, I complain once about absolutely nothing happening despite the amount of exercise I’m getting and I lose weight the very next day. I’m still down and I finally get a “rest day” at work, though I’m still AT work, but I’m hoping that things will work in my favor and I don’t need to […]

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Fitness Specter 32: Something’s Wrong

I’m crying foul here. This is bullshit. I am walking more steps than ever at the moment. I’m moving around more than ever. I’m eating as good as I ever have. So a question must be raised, then: why the fuck aren’t I losing weight? Aside from starving myself at this current moment, I don’t […]

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Fitness Specter 31: One Small Step

Am I tired? Hell yes. Did I run? Hell yes. Would more sleep have been better? Well, one could say that the tiny bit of sleep I skimped on was the reason I woke up heavier than yesterday, but then again, one could also say the reason I woke up heavier than yesterday was because […]

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Fitness Specter 30: Ugh

Something isn’t right. I’m not doing something I should be doing. What that thing is I cannot say but today starts the really dedicated research and learning that I need to do in order to accomplish a goal. I’m about to become really dedicated to a minute few items and really push forward to succeed. […]

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