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The Greatest Show 106: GSFS 2 – Couick v Allen II

We have our December second Greatest Show Fight Series event! Here’s the lineup:

(C) “Soft Rock Messiah” Kevin Couick (3-0) v “Emerald Specter” DJ Allen (2-1)
“Silky” Tricia Allen (1-0) v Hillary Clinton (0-0) for the vacant Women’s Championship
“Heavy Metal Jesus” Kevin Lama (1-2) v Tyler Durden (0-0)
“Shotgun / Angry Salesman” Bob Miotto (0-3) v Confucious (0-0)
and opening the event is
Mr. T (0-0) v Hulk Hogan (0-0)

Won’t you pop in and see the action?

The Greatest Show 104: Aliens, Man


DJ is joined by Bob and Metal Jesus as they discuss a great many things… but keep coming back to aliens, man. We want a sponsor and we want you to watch Kevin literally start falling asleep on the air.

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The Greatest Show 103: GSFS 1 – Soft Rock v Angry Salesman



Since we won’t have a Greatest Show on Saturday, here you go with the first ever Greatest Show Fight Series (GSFS)… here’s the lineup:

(C) “Soft Rock Messiah” Kevin Couick (2-0) v. “Angry Salesman” Bob Miotto (0-2)
“Heavy Metal Jesus” Kevin Lama (1-1) v. “Emerald Specter” DJ Allen (1-1)
“Silky” Tricia Allen (Debut) v. “Invincible” Morgan VanVegas (Debut)
“The Professional” Saurabh Agashe (Debut) v. “Big Daddy” Carl VanVegas (Debut)

What happened? You can see for yourself! Go watch it NOW!

The Greatest Show 100: It’s About Time


This is it, kids. This is the 100th Epiversary of the Greatest Show. We have finally arrived and we are ready to rock the crap out of this very special episode.

We’ve been known as the Greatest Show Online, but we eliminated the “Online” because we are not just the greatest show online, but we’re the greatest show. Hence, we’re the Greatest Show.

Since 2013, we’ve seen DJ & Bob (the founders) be joined by Tricia, Metal Jesus, Soft Rock Messiah, Saurabh, Fletcher, Carl, Morgan, & a few others. This episode marks the end of the old and the beginning of the new era of the Greatest Show as we march towards our next big anniversary: episode 250.

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The Greatest Show 96: Podcast of the Living Dead


Saurab has been eaten in the first wave of the living dead. Soft Rock Messiah made it out alive… barely… he’s living off of scraps from the local Dick’s Sporting Goods… and their vending machine is almost out. Heavy Metal Jesus hasn’t left his room and the bucket he craps in has been full for over a week. Bob was ready for the first wave… but not the second wave… he’s stuck in a tree.

DJ and Tricia? They are on a boat, and, it’s going fast, and, DJ’s wearing a nautical themed pashmina afghan… he’s the king of the world, on a boat like Leo… and those are just song lyrics.

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Friday Night’s Greatest Show? Yes sir!


With Bob out camping, Saurabh across the pond, Metal Jesus investigating the intricacies of belt sanders on human skulls, Soft Rock Messiah looking for leprechauns, and DJ & Tricia attending the UFC Fight Night (Portland) event on Saturday, there will be a Greatest Show (Friday Night Edition) for you tonight. We aren’t exactly sure what time, though near our regular time is highly likely, there will be at least a few of us to have episode 95 live tonight.

Will you join us?