The Greatest Show 92: We Are Animated (Cartoon Edition)

This one is a doozy, kids. We will have us some prime time talk about all things animated… Saturday morning cartoons, Anime, Pixar-esq stuff, and that’s just the tip of the flipping iceberg. This ship won’t sink when we hit that large chunk of frozen ice, either. Expected hosts are DJ (THE Emerald Specter), Tricia, […]

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The Greatest Show 88: The Masqueradening

As if the skies opened up and a messianic hand reached out to tweak your nipples, the Greatest Show is here to broaden your horizons on all things… and tweak your nipples, because that’s what we promised. For your viewing pleasure and entertainment, DJ will be joined by the lovely Tricia, the hippie looking Metal […]

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The Greatest Show 87: The Search for Bob

Internet. The current frontier. These are the audio voyages of the Greatest Show crew. Their continuing mission, to seek out new fun and new ways to talk about the same crap over and over again… to boldly go where a couple of thousand others have gone before. The Event Page. The YouTube Page. A naked […]

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There WILL be a Greatest Show Tonight

We will be broadcasting tonight, though the time may be shifted a little later due to uncontrollable circumstances. Don’t worry, though, Metal Jesus, Tricia, DJ, and possibly Kevin will be joining us, plus we may even have the return of Carl for a second episode. Who knows?

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