Emerald Specter 49: Storytelling

If you haven’t been paying attention, Emerald Specter.com is quickly shifting to telling stories. Stories about all kinds of wonderful things, some in “real time,” and some pre-written. With this focus, this branding, I’ll be moving things in directions that I hadn’t necessarily intended when I started moving the site in this direction. In August, […]

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UFC Specter 4 – Some People Are Stupid

There is some build up to the title of this column but I’ll go as quickly as I can. UFC 184 was to be headlined by Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort… until Weidman cracked a rib or something and now can’t fight. The co-main event, Rousey-Zingano, was moved to the main event, with […]

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UFC Specter 3 – Better Than Boxing

I have traditionally been a big boxing fan. When the UFC first started way back in 1993, the novelty of the whole thing wore off rather quickly, especially when you looked at the fact that the guys who rolled around on the mat more than anything else were doing most of the winning. How is […]

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UFC Specter 2 – Rousey-Zingano Preview

Who is better than Ronda Rousey? No, really, I’m asking you for real… because she is really killing the competition and I don’t really think I see anyone on the horizon to take that belt off of her anytime soon. Like Jon Jones, whom I have gained a much deeper appreciation of, Ronda Rousey has […]

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