Emerald Nights… Please Read

Yes, I started out this post with a facepalm because I deserve to give you one of ME doing a facepalm. Again, if you would please continue on reading before you roll your eyes, I’ve got a little bit of explaining to do. Perhaps starting an actual play podcast during the “peak season” wasn’t the […]

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Another Update About Emerald Nights…

Okay… after a few days from the “recording” of what was supposed to be live broadcast, I can finally talk about what happened, what will happen, and where we go from here. Aaron had some microphone issues, Mike had some headphones AND camera issues, and my smooth running operation completely fell apart moments before we […]

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Emerald Specter 120: Emerald Nights

Another column? I thought you were done with the “Emerald Specter” columns, DJ. I was, technically, but I also have the need to post about something specific and I wanted to keep it in a format that everyone is familiar with. That information is about Emerald Nights: A Vampire The Masquerade Chronicle. For a long […]

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062: The Mark Has Been Made

A potpourri of snippets this week as DJ doesn’t have the full time for a recording. Bullet journal roleplaying is discussed, audiobook ideas are discussed, SpecterChess is coming to a screen near you, and you’ll have to listen to find out the rest! Thank you David E. for your support on Patreon! Host: DJ AllenIntro […]

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061: Where is Everybody?

Did my audio/video test work? Why wasn’t there proof it worked, if so? What about the bullet journaling and BuJoRPG? Listen and find out! Thank you David E. for your support on Patreon! Host: DJ AllenIntro Music: The Idea of You by Nine Inch Nails (from Not the Actual Events)Outtro Music: The Perfect Drug by […]

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Journal of the Emerald Specter 66: Resurrecting Awesome IPs

The title will be a little misleading but I wanted a means of drawing your eye in to read a little more, so hopefully you’ll forgive me a little. I will actually be talking about a great many intellectual properties (IPs) but that talk will be done in a little bit different way than you […]

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The Specter Show 039: The Downward Spiral

What do you do when you haven’t done what you’d said you’d do? DJ talks about bullet journaling restart (3rd attempt), solo RPGs (because some research was done and there will be a great many things that can possibly get done), and making everything work in unison… technically, this is all about bullet journaling and […]

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The Specter Show 037: Eraser

An unexpected server issue held this release up, it is corrected now. Speaking of server issues, DJ discusses the server getting fried on October 1, talking about doing things that should be done rather than talked about, bullet journaling without the RPG, BuJoRPG 2, and a few other things. He even gets off on a […]

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