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Journal of the Emerald Specter 71: Bring on the New Year

Shut your mouth, it’s 2018!

Yeah, yeah… I know, “hey DJ, you probably wrote this last year and we are only just seeing it now.” Well, that is true… but I’m a lot closer to the actual release date than previous articles have been over the course of December, so I’m nearly real time.

But enough talking to myself, it’s time to look at a “New Year’s roundup” of sorts.

So, it’s time to start thinking about the BuJoRPG again. I’ve been overwhelmed over the course of the last two months and haven’t had a chance to put any effort into the bullet journal at all… like, I mean if I was bullet journaling steadily all year I wouldn’t have a single entry for November or December.

Work hurts.

When I last left off from working on the system, I was deep into creating a map for one to explore a “storyline,” more information on the “Jade Realm” that I’d pseudo-created for the BuJoRPG. Well, having had a chance to really give that a thought over the last couple of months, maybe I want to step back from world building to actually just build the basics. I’m reevaluating the approach, and I’m not starting over, I’m just going to hold off on the world building part. BuJoRPG2 may see some upgrades, slight rewrites, or things of that nature… but I’m going to be working on it again.

Speaking of bullet journaling, I wanted to start a new journal for 2018 and I had previously wanted to power through my original journal before I did that, but I’ve decided to use that journal as a testing ground for the BuJoRPG stuff and just start a new journal entirely. On January 1, 2018, I will have started the new year with an attempt to get re-organized and hopefully that leads me to a better chance at 365 days of journaling.

This month, the inaugural “basho” begins for the year as the Emerald Specter 2018 Winter Basho kicks off as previously announced. As I write this, there are four competitors out of 12 that will be participating in the event and I’m hoping that the rest of them jump on board before the actual kick off day.

The time controls are one move per day, which is as fast as I can guarantee I’ll personally be able to play. With my working schedule, several life unknowns, and just not really wanting to tie the event down to a single day or something like that, I’m hoping that the play is fast enough to ramp up the basho schedule from four to six for 2019, though we’ll see how this all actually plays out.

Realistically, I’m anticipating half of the players in the 2018 Winter Basho to not participate in future bashos. While I’d love to believe that the gimmick of chess crossed with sumo is enough to bring back people to compete for the “titles” that are involved, I’m enough of a realist to understand that to build a steady “roster” of players, this is probably going to be a two year plan. Some people will get it right away, some will pop in and check it out before deciding it isn’t for them.

This is one of those years where I haven’t payed as much attention to the NFL as I have previously. There have been years where I’d watch all three games on TV on Sunday, then watch the Monday game and when it was available, the Thursday and Saturday games.

This year? Pfff… I can’t tell you how many Sunday mornings I’ve woken up and just didn’t realize football was on TV. Hell, there have been days where my wife and I went out to eat and the only reason I knew I’d missed football is because it was on in the restaurant.

I’m mentioning this specifically as an NFL subject, but I’ve also slacked on watching the Premier League and the MLS, too, as 2017 hasn’t been a good “sports year” for me.

In 2001, I made a spreadsheet that was able to track the “picks league” I’d run for the people I worked with. The NFL schedule came out and I went to work ensuring that you could just input the scores of the games on the appropriate sheet and everything would update automatically. You could track up to 20 people in this league making the selections and while the coding of the spreadsheet was a little time consuming, I really enjoyed making it.

I’ve only made one similar since that year. When the 2018-2019 NFL schedule comes out, I plan on doing that again. I’m not sure I’m going to include places for people to keep track of their picks but if I build the basic sheet, I’ll be happy enough with myself.

Sticking with sports, the UFC has had a damn good year in 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for 2018, too, as I’m going to start watching more of the events that I’m interested in seeing. I’m a big fan of the women and would guarantee to see the “lady fights” that were on whenever they were on but 2017 didn’t really let me get into UFC as much as I’d wanted.

Going out to watch UFC is something of a problem, as nearly all the bars and restaurants in the area that show the fights are packed to the hilt and have waiting lines out the door. Watching the fights at home is a costly endeavor, too, but if I can find out who at work likes to watch the UFC and is willing to split the cost, I’ll order the fights and none of us will take a giant hit on the price.

Yeah, I know that isn’t how the UFC intends these things to be watched, but we’re still paying to watch the fight and the groups aren’t going to be bigger than five or six people, so it isn’t like I’m hosting a public showing.

The last month or so, you’ve been treated to the “resurrecting old IPs” columns for possible future solo RPG adventuring. I’d even gone so far as to say I was going with my “Tron” idea and started figuring out what system I was going to use…

Then the holiday rush started and everything went to the back burner. EVERYTHING.

Well, if I’d have started RPing that scenario back in November or December, I might be supercharged to keep on with that storyline until some sort of “break” or “conclusion” came along… but since I haven’t even gotten to start the thing, I’m deciding whether I want to use another scenario or just move forward with the Tron one. Finding others to play with has forced me into using solo RPG as the only option I have.

Hey, DJ, what about the last column? You mentioned building some sort of fleet?

Yes, I did, and I’m glad you mentioned that.

Right along side working on the BuJoRPG2, I’m also going to be writing articles for the new fleet. The world that I’m creating does need some explanation and these articles can basically be used as the “training” for anyone wanting to play in the fleet.

Things I need to write up (generally speaking): biological information on the available and known species, a brief history of the planet from which the protagonists hail, how space travel works in this fleet, cultural backgrounds of the different nations on the planet, military structure, and basic things like how to run a SIM.

There is a lot to write and I’m really the only one that can write them up. I’ve got someone lined up to help design starships for the graphics side of things and with any luck, they won’t all look like a single person designed them (similar to what Star Trek ships look like).

I’ve attempted to write prose for a long time. There have been many, many false starts, and even fewer endings. The sad thing is that the “space series” short stories that I used to write are all in the past and I’ve seemed to have lost the ability to keep doing that sort of thing. So, I’m going to give myself a year to accomplish a goal that, if I don’t actually start doing it, I’ll never do.

I’m going to write a single issue, 22 page story, comic book script.

Not only am I going to write 22 pages of comic script, I’m going to then draw the damn thing, ink it, color it, and see how long the whole process takes me. There is no illusion that I can get this task done to completion in a single month, but if I’m going to write the script I want to see the end result.

I’ve talked about, pined over, and romanticized creating comic books since I started collecting them way back in 1987. There were six issues of a homemade comic that I made that have long since been lost that I even made, though I would tell you right now that they are horrible and the stories wouldn’t hold up at all under any scrutiny.

If I don’t do this in 2018, then I cam put that dream away and forget about ever doing it because talk is cheap and I’m tired of not doing anything about it.

The whole goal is to finish this project in 365 days, have a finished product by the end of 2018. I think that is a realistic goal and I’m hoping that it will inspire me to make more if I can complete one.

Wouldn’t that be great?

I’ve seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There has been both super positive and super negative reaction to it, and I’d like to throw my two cents in as well.

“Old school” fans will proclaim from the mountain tops that the Original Trilogy (or OT) is really the only Star Wars there is, claiming it to be untouchable for its greatness. The majority of these fans are over the age of 40.

The younger generation of fans, the ones that grew up during the Prequel Trilogy (or PT) are the ones who understand that the OT is good but really love the PT and hold that as the standard to which Star Wars should strive.

We also have a few fans out there that like all of the saga, none of one of the trilogies aforementioned, and there are even still more with other variations of likes and dislikes.

The OT fans that hold up that trilogy as the best profess to wanting more stories with those characters and we are getting that with this Sequel Trilogy (or ST), but things aren’t working out exactly as they’d hoped. The OT super fans are also the ones primarily upset over the loss of the Expanded Universe (EU) that was turned into “Legends” by Disney after the purchase of Lucasfilm.

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in theaters, OT fans initially went orgasmic because they could now ignore the prequels entirely and just focus on moving “forward.” Well, you either seem to really like TFA or really dislike TFA, I haven’t really seen any “in between.” The movie was basically an entire “fan wank” rehash of the OT condensed into a single movie. Yes, there are redeeming bits and interesting beats in the movie, too, but overall, it’s the OT retold in a single movie.

Now that TLJ (The Last Jedi) has taken us into new territory, officially, the OT fans are crying super hard that this new movie isn’t their Star Wars. I have mentioned in some Facebook posts that I felt the movie didn’t really feel like Star Wars but I accept that things need to change in order to not continuously rehash the same story over and over again.

My question to the PT haters has always been: how can you hate half of something and claim to be a fan of it?

If I rank the Star Wars movies, and I’ve done this before TLJ came out, I’d have a different order if I included the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story into the mix… I don’t normally add that one because it’s not a numbered episode, so after putting thought into what I really think about TLJ, the order I’d rank the films in the saga are as follows:

  1. Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith
  2. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  4. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
  5. Star Wars: A New Hope
  6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  7. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
  8. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

With a prequel toping the list, I can feel (through the Force) millions of “fans” cry out in agony. RotS is a superior movie, although the film suffers a little from some lumps, it isn’t as “hole filled” or terrible as the OT people want to make it out to be…

I’d probably slot Rogue One right behind The Last Jedi if you made me add it to the list… but since I’m not going to rank the Solo film (as I have zero interest in it) or a Boba Fett film (as I also have zero interest… and as an aside, the character did literally jack shit on screen and he’s super popular? Why? He has literally done nothing to warrant the popularity), I leave Rogue One off that list as well.

When George Lucas made the prequels, the OT fans cried that he ruined their childhood. Those same fans rejoiced at the purchase by Disney, leaving GL out of the mix entirely… and now they’re crying about the fact that Disney is actually doing something interesting, albeit not what they wanted, with the franchise.

You can’t hate and love the creator simultaneously. Pick one.

Star Wars has a bright future. Rian Johnson was given the green light to have his own trilogy, divorced from the Skywalker saga entirely. What have I heard fans think the new trilogy will be about?

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Mandalorians
  • Knights of the Old Republic

Really? These are completely divorced from the Saga? I don’t think so, McFly.

The key words are “divorced from” and people are having a hard time grasping that concept.

I want to end this segment by boiling down a little 411 for the kids reading this: Luke Skywalker, son of Anakin Skywalker, with R2D2 and C3PO, are what the Saga is about. This links them to Rey, Kylo Ren, Snoke, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine), Padme Amidala, Chewbacca, Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian, Admiral Ackbar, Mon Mothma, Jabba the Hutt, Biggs, Wedge, Mace Windu, BB8, and more characters than I can continue to name before I have to start looking them up… If Rian Johnson is going to tell a trilogy that is original and new, then there can be no connection to these characters aside from a passing mention.

Speculation ran rampant about Rey’s parentage and it comes down to the fact she’s a nobody. Why does everyone in the galaxy, read GALAXY, have to be related? Let’s do something new, something different, and let’s stop living in the past.

Nostalgia is for people who don’t know how to move forward.

Journal of the Emerald Specter 62: Fixing US Soccer

You’d all be so proud of me if you knew that I wrote this well in advance and didn’t wait until the last minute.

Oh, well now you do! Boom.

I was listening to the Total Soccer Show (the “10 Ways to Fix US Soccer” episode) and I decided that I wanted to throw my own thoughts in on the subject. I’m going to parrot a little of what the guys were talking about, but I’m also going to try and not JUST parrot what they said.

All of this stems from the US Men’s National Team being eliminated from the World Cup qualification. I’m not a big World Cup follower, I’d rather see the league play from any league other than the World Cup, but I’ll allow this to be the push to get things started.

In order to have a quality US Men’s National Team (USMNT) to compete and actually be a viable to win the World Cup, we have to take a look at the entire US soccer system and understand that it sucks. In fact, it sucks so much that it is the one thing that the general US population doesn’t “care about” because they aren’t any good at it.

Why not FIX the problem?

Our recruitment system in the US sucks. We don’t foster the youth programs but a fraction of a degree to which other countries who ARE successful do. Forget about the idealized Brazil, Argentina, or other “mythologically” great teams… they aren’t myth, those countries work really hard to identify their quality players at a very young age and put them through the training they need to be big names on the world stage. The US, as far as I understand, doesn’t have anything even remotely close to a system that does this… and it shows.

Once the US recruitment system identifies and puts the new recruits through their training system, they need a place to go in order to grow. Every single other league in the world has a promotion/relegation (pro/rel) system in place except the US. Why?

The story about this, from most of the US citizenship, is that if a club wasn’t competing with the rest of the top leagues in the country, that club would lose all support.

That is an excuse.

Let’s look at the NFL… first as is and then as a pro/rel system. (Please note that I do not think American Football should have a pro/rel system installed.)

In the NFL, there is a system in place (the Draft) to reward teams who fail to have a winning record in the league. The Draft allows a small boost, in the form of a few new talented players, which can then lead to signing free agents who believe that newly drafted player can raise the team up. After a few more signings, ridding the team of naysayers, and maybe even a rebrand (planned over the course of years), those teams can rise up… possibly even to the point of making a decent Super Bowl run, or get close for several years.

Before free agency, a terrible team would linger in the gutter for a decade or more, being beaten down year after year until they get a shot to build up.

Now let’s look at the NFL with a pro/rel instituted… and for the purposes of this example, I’m going to make up a second tier league that I’ll call NAFL (North American Football League). The NAFL will have 16 teams, in markets that the NFL currently doesn’t fill (San Diego, Sacramento, Portland, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Memphis, Orlando,  Richmond… and five teams from markets the NFL could stand to branch out into in this part of the world: Mexico City, Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, and San Juan).

The first part of this is eliminating “the NFL Draft,” which forces the “undrafted NCAA talent” to enter the general free agency market… and let’s eliminate the salary cap, too.

We now enter a “slump” where San Francisco and Indianapolis have really bottomed out, being the worst two teams in the NFL. After the Super Bowl, those two teams are relegated to the NAFL and the two top finishers in the NAFL, in this case Mexico City and Toronto, are promoted into the NFL in their places. This gives San Francisco and Indianapolis a reason to try harder to recruit better players, spend the money necessary to improve to be promoted, and the other NAFL teams are just as motivated to be the next ones to be promoted, too. Every team in the NFL has every reason to compete as hard as possible, spend what is necessary, and get the best talent they can to remain in the NFL.

The next season, maybe Toronto finishes last and the New York Jets finish second to last… Indianapolis manages to redeem themselves to be promoted again, along with the second place NAFL team San Juan getting their chance to advance out of the NAFL.

Yes, this scenario screws up the regional divisions a bit, but teams that suck will be given a reason to not suck.

The Barclay’s Premier League, or the English Premier League for the uninitiated, have four or five clubs that are really strong all the time with everyone else taking a swing at them and striving to beat them. Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea are those clubs, with an occasional other club managing to compete at the highest level for a season or two. When clubs get relegated, they work harder to get promoted again, as well as making sure they don’t just get relegated right away again.

There is nothing even remotely like this in US soccer. So, let’s go all the way back up to my “recruit the youth” situation, with a concentration on the “system those young talented players can come up in.”

In a state of the league address by MLS commissioner Don Garber, the commissioner wanted MLS to be one of the top leagues in the world by 2022. With the “NFL style” system used in MLS, that isn’t going to happen. Despite what the MLS believes, we are still the “hey, I’m well past my prime but I can play in the MLS for a few years and make multiples of millions of dollars in the process because they are starved for the highest quality talent” league.

Things working against the MLS in becoming “one of the best leagues in the world” are: 1) time… MLS is one of the newest leagues in the world and since everyone likes to point at tradition, MLS is almost a century behind in the legacy department… 2) salary cap… because limiting the amount of money that can be spent, which also falls into limiting how many “designated players” a team can have, is always good for business (I say that with extreme sarcasm)… 3) no pro/rel… if you don’t want a club to fold or move on, institute a pyramid system so that team can be properly relegated and allow another club can rise up and fill their place, enriching the competition because someone else doesn’t have to spend money to “get in”… 4) thinking MLS will ever be anything close to the NFL… Garber has such a hard on for how popular the NFL is that he’s forgetting that simply “white washing US soccer to be like the NFL” isn’t going to end well, mainly because soccer fans don’t want MLS to be like the NFL, they want MLS to be like other world leagues.

Build a “tier two” league. Limit MLS to 18 clubs, 20 at the very most, and anyone wanting in to the MLS has to win their way out of T2. The US actually has two leagues that can fill the role of a tier 3 and tier 4, so why not bridge that gap and finally take the plunge to make the MLS the league Garber would like it to be: competitive on the world stage.

One last thing… if you want to compete with the world, you should be on the schedule that the world is on. Put the MLS in the fall/winter/spring and keep the players from dying of heat stroke in the summer. Very few leagues in the world compete over the summer, and ALL OF THEM are second tier leagues… because they can’t compete with the top tier leagues (your Barclay’s, Bundesliga, Ligue Un, etc).

Show the US how to excel by doing it on the same schedule, so that when there is an “International break” for the World Cup qualifications, the US isn’t in the midst of the MLS wearing our top tier players out in the process.

And now I’ve come full circle.

You want to be the best? Start beating the best at their own game, using their own rules, and competing when the best of the best compete… otherwise, Garber’s words are just going to be like some politician’s words when they’re just trying to get you to vote for them.

Enough preaching. I would like to see the MLS be more like the other leagues in the world… until then, I’ll keep watching the “real” football leagues in the world.

The ESPL Finale…

Note from the Emerald Specter, DJ Allen: this is the finale of the ESPL. Not just of season 2 but of the ESPL in general. I’ve gotten no interest from anyone to keep pushing forward and I’ve decided to focus my time in another area. I am open to the idea of someone picking up where I leave off in the future, if so you can contact me on Twitter @EmeraldSpecter, otherwise you can discuss using the designed logos I’ve made with me starting with contact. Thank you.

Also note, this will be written a little different than normal. No special graphic for the season champions.

Looking at the table, one can see we have NEW ESPL Champions. Emerald United pushed hard, even in the face of the persistent defending champions, Gothica. The third club in the deep hunt was Shazam CM, which were the recipients of the talent of Patrick Barnes, who returned in week 17 to push Shazam CM from struggling contenders to, at one point, league leaders.

How about an overview of the second season?

From where we left off, Gothica took a sizable lead in the table, being up by 9 points at one point. Then the defending champions started coming up against stiff competition in the form of the Khan Galaxy led Naval Armada, pushing hard to continue to be relevant… they also came up against Emerald United, which started showing solidity in their late season run for the championship… and the revitalized Shazam CM, who only faltered when against two clubs: Emerald United and Gothica. Naval Armada managed a draw against Shazam CM, which was enough to dishevel the club into not being able to close the gap created by the big wins of Emerald United and Gothica.

The consistency of the champions was grand, unwaveringly steady even in the face of stiff competition. Gothica thought they had things wrapped up in week 14, with their 9 point lead but then things started to fall apart, with a few losses and key draws against clubs that shouldn’t have had a shot against the champions. In the end, their strong play didn’t return soon enough to stop the climb of Emerald United.

The table as a whole saw a lot more wins than last season, too. Percentage-wise, the wins were far higher across the board and that was due to some season trades that improved clubs across the bottom. The exchanges saw each club that benefitted being far more because the trades all mattered. Citrus LF were the ones to suggest the initial trade, positing that their initial trade with Tardis benefit both clubs. The exchange did and other trades occurred.

In the end, Emerald United were crowned champions in the last week of the season, only securing their championship with a solid win and Gothica’s draw in the final week that gave Emerald United the trophy.

Thanks for reading.

ESPL Week 8: A New Number One

In a return to the old format, if just for a few posts (or maybe the long haul), we give you the awaited Week 8 recap. Let’s not wait any longer!

Starting off with the first game of the week, Queensdaisy hosted Allen FC and managed to lose 0-1. The match was a heated contest, with some pushing several times, but Allen FC’s Max Vice put a strong shot into back of the net at 26 minutes. The home side wasn’t pleased but they made several real attempts at the goal but failed to equalize the game. Queensdaisy has had a rough inaugural season with only one win, four draws, and this being their third loss. One wouldn’t expect them to be taking the league by storm, but the focus doesn’t seem to be getting them going in the right direction just yet.

Next on the schedule was Real Olympia hosting Citrus LF, winning the match 2-1 at home. Real Olympia’s Francisco Perez scored the first goal at 19 minutes and Tim Bailey dropped the second goal in at 23 minutes, just over the goalie’s head. Citrus put in their only goal right after the half, at 47′ Nicolai Borloff slid the ball right by the keeper. Citrus gave a valiant effort but falls as Real Olympia is pushing for a much better season this year than last year.

In the collision of two titans of the league, Shamrock Celtic hosted Emerald United in what was touted as being the biggest match of the week. Celtic failed to score, with the guests United scoring at only 7′ when Xin Li established they were the ones who would be dominating the day. Celtic did not get a decent chance the rest of the game, with United putting in near goals the rest of the day but failing to extend their score. There were plenty of thrills but Celtic was shown  the cracks they were certain weren’t there.

But wait, the real upset of the week happened in Shazam CM hosting Gothica, as the defending champions were taken down in a 2-1 showdown in Shazam’s home stadium. Shazam’s Taoufik Belbani scored at 18′, the only goal of the first half. Shazam scored another one at 84′ when Jackson Alexander put the home side up 2-0, with Gothica scoring their only goal at 87′ at the foot of Adam Stonewall, a ricocheting shot originally sent from team captain Simon Tarken. With the defending champions getting their first loss of the season, they were sent home knowing that winning the second season isn’t going to be a cakewalk.

“It’s one loss,” said Peter Stark, GM of Gothica. “We have an entire season to do this, one loss isn’t the end of the world. The media is making this out to be the end of the season, us losing our championship in a grand failure or pride and energy. That simply isn’t the case. This is week eight of a 30 week season and I’ll be damned if I’m going to pack the team up and call it the end.”

Sporting Black Cats hosted Halo FC to a 2-2 draw. Sporting’s goals were at 40′ with Avondale Borusa and 92′ with Kai Funaki. Halo scored at 44′ with Hogi Prince and 62′ with Andrei Ramius. The match was well balanced, with both clubs getting plenty of chances to extend the score but in the end, the injury time equalizer was enough to prevent Sporting from falling further down the table than absolutely necessary.

Tardis hosted Knightsquare and gave their home crowd a 3-1 victory, displaying vast holes in the Knightsquare defense and, frankly, embarrassing GM Otto Borden in grand fashion. Tardis scored at 40′ by David Lopez, 70′ by Luis Suarez, and 72′ by Kelvin Bradley… all of that happened after Knightsquare snuck one in at 34′ by Anthony Marconi. There was some criticism of Marconi’s post goal celebration but that immediately went away as Tardis equalized and then scored two more to show they saw the gaps in Borden’s lineup.

Vulcan FC hosted Naval Armada, expecting a fight and they were not disappointed. Vulcan lost the match 4-2, with their goals coming at 39′ and 52′ both from Kiefer Springwood. Naval scored at 4′ and 76′ by Pedro DeJesus, 44′ by Vance Alexander, and 67′ by Stephen Khan. Naval is looking to put themselves back into he thick of the title hunt and this was a big step towards that goal, especially in the week Gothica was handed it’s first loss.

The spotlight match of the week was Wordsmiths hosting Octagon, with the home club figuring this to be a place to showcase their talent. Octagon wasn’t having any of it, though, as they scored the sole goal at 38′ by Muleaki A’anhi to win 1-0. Ocatgon’s second victory gives hope to the club to avoid finishing on the bottom in this first season, a distinction they’d very much like to avoid.

Well, that was week 8’s action, hope you’ll join us next week.

ESPL Week 7: And One Shall Fall


“I’m Martin Thomas, and I welcome you to the seventh week action of the second ESPL season! I am joined by my co-commentator, David Archer. Let’s take a look at the overview before we begin covering topics.”


“David,” said Martin Thomas, ESPL commentator, “What do we need to know about all of this?”

“Martin,” said David Archer, ESPL commentator, “first and foremost, we need to know that Naval Armada and Shazam CM have struck a deal for Patrick Barnes. Barnes is out until week 17, but Shazam has a nice set up and sent Linke Rosseau to Naval Armada. While Barnes is out, John Jones will be playing as a replacement. Secondly, we should break down the general action of the week.”

“Naval Armada lost to Gothica at home, 1-0, showing a weakness in their very first outing without Barnes.”

“Martin, I don’t think Barnes is a benefit to Naval right now. He got himself banned, he’s loud, he’s a solo player on a team, and while Rosseau isn’t a long term solution, at least they can get through the season with a team player.”

“The undefeated clubs left in week 7,” said Martin Thomas, “Are Gothica, Shazam CM, and Emerald United. Gothica is on top and looking to repeat as champions in season two.”

“There was a lot of action but the highlight of the week was Shazam CM putting an exclamation point on things with their 7-1 win over Tardis. If they can keep this up, they’ll be superb when Barnes hits the pitch with them.”

“Nothing really stands out for me with this week, as we had three draws and generally low scoring matches.”

“There’s always next week, but at least the action was live.”

“I’d like to take a moment to comment on the league’s leading scorer, Gothica’s Simon Tarken. He has eight goals on the season and we’re only in week seven. Gothica is definitely behind their team captain,” said Martin.

“I see a lot of fierce competition for the leading scorer spot,” said David. “Arak Shemin has seven goals and has been keeping up, if not leading once in a while. I’m shocked we haven’t had more draws like we did this point last season.”

“I think things are comparable, actually. The trend is definitely for less draws this season, which only helps prop the league up.”

There will be more ESPL next week… stay tuned.

ESPL Week 6: Explosive Remarks

coveresplThe great round of action in week 6 is overshadowed… not by last week’s announcement, though that was in the minds of everyone around the ESPL, but by Patrick Barnes and his tirade after being tossed out of the match in front of all the ESPL media. There was great action on the pitch as well, as we turn things over to David Archer and Martin Thomas in the Week 6 review.


“There were three draws this week in some knock out, drag out action,” said David Archer, ESPL commentator. “The league leaders lost one of their lead players and the world heard all about it. Martin, where do you want to start this week?”

“I want to start with the game of the week,” said Martin Thomas, ESPL commentator. “Not only is the last match on the schedule for the week the spotlight game, but it proved to be the one everyone was interested in as we entered the final match of the weekend. Shazam CM punched through for seven total goals to Tardis’s two, giving Taoufik Belbani a hat trick and the statement of the week: Shazam is here to stay.”

“They really took their place as one of the clubs to beat if anyone wants to take the championship this season,” said Archer. “Honestly, I never doubted Shazam had the opportunities, I was just surprised they hadn’t capitalized like this sooner. They really are capable of this type of performance four out of every five matches.”

“Some players were distracted by the announcements made last week,” said Thomas. “Some were distracted by the enlargement of the league for season four, but there were more heads concerned that they would be playing women next season.”

“In fairness, Martin, there haven’t been a rash of signups for the ladies at this point,” said Archer. “I mean, those players who think that they’ll be shown up by the women are the ones who probably don’t understand that if they want to be considered the best, they have to be willing to play all comers. Just because the gender may be different doesn’t mean that the league will looked down upon.”

“I know we’re both avoiding the elephant in the room, so why don’t we hit that up?”

“Martin, the story of the week is undoubtedly Patrick Barnes. The Naval Armada forward has been boisterous, vocal, and he’s not shy about touting his own capabilities. The unfortunate part of what Barnes did this week, though, really may have hurt Armada’s chances of staying in the hunt for the championship.”

“Patrick Barnes had gotten a yellow card for a questionably vicious tackle early in the match against Allen FC,” said Thomas. “Normally, when a player obtains a yellow card, especially for something as questionably damaging as his tackle, the player takes a lighter approach to the match and rarely sees themselves getting into further card trouble. Not Barnes. Just after the 35th minute, Allen FC team captain Charles Alexander went towards the goal for a shot, Barnes not only knocked him over but stepped on the opponent while he was down, really causing some concern on the pitch from both clubs. Barnes received a straight red card, though a yellow would have done the job, and the ESPL has imposed a six week ban for Barnes’s actions on the pitch. He was vocal at the media conference after the match.”

“This is a bunch of sh–,” said Patrick Barnes at the media. “I’m targeted because I’m a f–king awesome player. Chuck had no damn business flopping down like he did and if you look at the G—–mned replay, you’ll see he blatantly grabbed my foot and pulled it into his chest. This league needs to be more diligent if we want to show the f–king world we deserve to be considered among the best. The officiating squad out there is a bunch of whipped p—ies and they couldn’t hold my jock strap. There isn’t a one of those f–king jack wagons that has a hint of talent, which is why they’re tossing yellow and red cards around for a living. I’m being targeted. Targeted. This is a bunch of sh–!”

“The ESPL had initially given Barnes the six week ban for stomping on Charles Alexander,” said Archer. “They extended that to ten weeks after Barnes’s tirade towards the media.”

“We have no place for that kind of verbal assault in the ESPL,” said Thomas. “Barnes was clearly out of line. He claims Alexander grabbed his foot to ‘flop’ the injury, but we know that the incident resulted in Alexander having bruised ribs. He hasn’t been assessed for play in week seven but to have that kind of medical results from something like that, you can’t really claim you’ve been targeted.”

“Part of the reason that Celtic let Barnes go without a bidding war was exactly this type of hot headed play,” said Archer. “There could have been something of a bidding war for Barnes but Celtic put up a paltry number compared to what Armada offered. I wouldn’t be surprised if Armada starts trying to shop Barnes’s contract to see if they can recuperate some of their investment.”

“Barnes is a talented player, but in comparison to Khan Galaxy, who is considered the best player in this league as far as talent goes, he’s barely in the same conversation. Galaxy’s anguish when the card came out was really the image of the week in my opinion.”

“Khan Galaxy was asked to speak in front of the media, too, and he declined. The coaching staff of Naval Armada wanted to keep others off the microphones after Barnes went rogue like he did.”

“Six match ban to a ten match ban. Simply unbelievable.”

“We should finish up the week’s review by pointing out we had three draws this week, Gothica reclaimed sole possession of the top spot in the league, and the second place is really a four club race between Naval Armada, Shazam CM, Emerald United, and Shamrock Celtic. While Celtic is two points farther behind than the other three clubs, they’re still a contender.”

“I wonder if Armada is going to show some cracks on the pitch next week in the absence of Patrick Barnes?”

“Time will tell, Martin. For the ESPL week in review, I’m David Archer.”

“And I’m Martin Thomas. We shall see you next week.”

ESPL Week 5: News and Reviews

coveresplWe have another week of action to relay to you and we have a bombshell announcement that we’ll also be relaying from founder DJ Allen! Can you handle the suspense?


“Only two draws this week,” said Martin Thomas, ESPL commentator, “One to open the week and the other to close the week. There is some movement on the table but the most noticeable item on the table this week is the lone club without a win or a draw: Octagon. Clubs seem to be settling into their places early in the season and I can’t think of a better way to start this off than by passing the torch to my cohost, David Archer.”

“Thank you, Martin,” said David Archer, ESPL commentator. “Naval Armada takes the control over the table by a higher goal difference. This week, though, it’s only a two club race. Armada seems to be trying to make a statement that Gothica is not going to push them around. Both clubs won but Armada had a clean sheet for their efforts at Citrus LF.”

“I was surprised that Gothica didn’t have the same type of performance at home,” said Thomas. “It seems that they would have had a stronger showing on their home pitch.”

“That was definitely not the case this week. Naval Armada takes top marks with the largest win, the highest number of goals this week, and they are only one of two clubs to win on the road this week, the other being Wordsmiths.”

“Can we talk about Wordsmiths?”

“Absolutely,” said Archer. “Wordsmiths scored all their goals in the first half, two by Calvin Casey, and they held on to beat the Shamrock Celtic powerhouse in their own stadium, marking the first stumble in the Celtic goal to remain a title contender.”

“In some situations like this, David, it’s often that the losing side did something to foul up their own chances, opening the door for their opponents to capitalize on the mistake. Celtic didn’t make any such mistake, they just couldn’t put the football in the goal.”

“Arak Shemin and Ron Terrell were the two goal scorers for Celtic and you are correct, Martin, Celtic just couldn’t get an equalizer or a winning goal into the net. Plenty of yellow cards for both sides, too, but Celtic just didn’t seem to be playing championship football.”

“Any early predictions on the championship this year?” asked Thomas.

“I’m going out on a limb and saying Gothica is going to repeat this year.”

“They are the safe bet, really. I believe that Naval Armada has a chance but Emerald United seems to be the sleeping giant waiting for those two clubs to flub just enough to watch them walk through to take the cup at the end.”

“Emerald United, then?”

“I will actually stick with Naval Armada. Things will change as we move into the season, as usual.”

“Now, we move to a special announcement from the founder and owner of the ESPL, DJ Allen,” said Archer. “We will have some commentary after the announcement.”

“Good evening, ESPL fans and media,” said DJ Allen. “I am here to make an announcement, two actually, about the future of the ESPL. We are a successful league, we show a lot of promise, and the potential for what the ESPL can be and do has no limit. I’m pleased to be presenting these two items to you at this time, showing the league will be growing for the future.

“The first phase of this announcement is by far the biggest one I can deliver. There has been much speculation as to what kinds of limits the ESPL will be placing on players allowed to play in the league. Early this year, there was a petition to allow women to play in the league, not in their own league, but along side their male counterparts. Starting with season three, women will be allowed to be signed by any club that wishes to sign them. At this time I’m making this announcement, there have only been three women who have expressed their interest in playing in the ESPL and as soon as this season ends, they’ll be free to be signed in the off season. The ESPL is the first league in the world to open the doors to this type of collaborative play between the sexes. We, the ESPL, are expecting there to be many, many more women who will be interested in playing in the league.

“That leads into my second announcement. We expanded the league from twelve clubs to sixteen clubs for season two. This is already showing to be a popular move, with even the new clubs drawing larger crowds than expected in stadium. We believe that the time for another expansion is at hand. Rather than expanding two or four clubs, making the ESPL eighteen to twenty member clubs strong, we are creating the largest expansion of any league in any nation at one time because we believe that the ESPL is missing something.

“Starting in 2019, the ESPL will be introducing a ‘tier 2’ to the ESPL pyramid, the first such expansion in the league’s history. The league will be known as League 2, awaiting a promotional sponsor for expanding the identity, and League 2 will introduce twelve new clubs into the fray. The ESPL and League 2 clubs will compete for the talent that is already present in the league, plus any new players coming in between now and then. Following the 2019 season, the bottom three clubs of the ESPL will be relegated into League 2 and the top club of League 2 will win automatic promotion into the ESPL. To fill the other two ESPL slots, the next four clubs, ranked second through fifth, will compete in a mini-playoff to determine the two clubs to be promoted into the ESPL.

“Finishing up, any future expansion of new cubs of the ESPL and League 2 will happen at the League 2 level, allowing the possibility of future league expansions to accommodate clubs into the future. The playoff promotion system will be tweaked as necessary and if we decide the ESPL needs to be eighteen clubs, a bigger promotion opportunity would be granted for that specific year.

“I want to thank you all for enjoying the ESPL and I hope that you’ll all enjoy the League 2 just as much.”

“What a bombshell, David,” said Martin Thomas. “Two bombshells, really. Women and men playing without barriers and an entirely new league coming to the pyramid system in 2019.”

“Some would state that we don’t have a pyramid system at this point,” said David Archer. “But with the inclusion of League 2, we add a tier to the potential pyramid that the system could eventually bloom into. Will creating League 2 give more potential club owners an opportunity to try to get a club and have the system expand to a League 3, League 4, or maybe even a multiple league tier feeding into League 2. The opportunity here is enormous.”

“Absolutely, David. unfortunately, we are running out of time and we will be back next week with more ESPL action.”

ESPL Week 4: The Race Tightens

coveresplAfter the highest scoring week we’ve ever seen, things start to tighten up as the braggadocios clubs were somewhat quieted and the top of the table gets much more of a race early in this season. We’re only in week 4 and the defending champion Gothica is sitting high atop of the table. If they’re this consistent and this hard to keep from the top of the table at week 4, how hard will they be to keep out of the championship race as the season continues? Let’s see what happened and get to the action!


“The most important part of any season is getting a good start,” said Martin Thomas, ESPL commentator. “If you get an early start, if you run into trouble later in the season, you can always recover. If you start off in a bad place, you’re chasing the whole season and very few clubs can ‘chase’ all the way to a championship. Historically speaking, I’d say that if you look at the table ‘as is’ in week 4, the clubs from Allen FC and down have no chance at being the ESPL champions this year.”

“We are really too early to call anyone winning at this point,” said David Archer, ESPL commentator. “I think that the field is still wide open but I have to agree with my colleague, historically speaking no one from Allen FC down is going to bring home the trophy. I look at the goal difference, which is why Gothica is currently on top, and if you have a negative number this early in the season, you’re not likely to be in the chase for the championship at the end.”

Wth every goal scorer of this week, we see that goals did not come easily. While some goals came early in matches, the goals were not easy to obtain and goalkeepers almost touched every single attempt, nearly derailing them. All the scorers for the week are James McDaniel (2 goals, Allen FC), Charles Alexander (1 goal, Allen FC), Jonathan Lucke (1 goal, Halo FC), Evander McDaniel (1 goal, Halo FC), Hogi Prince (1 goal, Halo FC), Scott Stennon (1 goal, Halo FC), Juan Hernandez (1 goal, Citrus LF), Edge Right (1 goal, Emerald United), Khan Galaxy (1 goal, Naval Armada), Norman Tavez (1 goal, Gothica), Simon Tarken (1 goal, Gothica), Guillermo Martinez (1 goal, Gothica), Bart Hathaway (1 goal, Queensdaisy), David Jansen (1 goal, Sporting Black Cats), Francisco Perez (1 goal, Real Olympia), David Lopez (1 goal, Tardis), Fuji Takei (1 goal, Tardis), Hadji Khan (1 goal, Shamrock Celtic), Shamus O’Mara (1 goal, Shamrock Celtic), Calvin Casey (1 goal, Wordsmiths), Carlos Marcos (1 goal, Shazam CM), Linke Rousseau (1 goal, Shazam CM), and Jared Son (1 goal, Shazam CM).

“We can talk about who scored, when they scored, and what the match looked like throughout,” said David Archer, ESPL commentator. “In the end, though, we’re looking at the same thing week after week, so we were asked to switch things up once in a while. Welcome to week 4.”

“The big winners of the week are obviously at the top of the table, Gothica,” said Martin Thomas. “They are really only the top club due to goal difference, but that is still enough to put them in the top. If the season ended today, they’d be the two time ESPL champions. The big losers of the week are Octagon, who have yet to do anything this season but lose.”

“Octagon have a leak that they need to fix because if they don’t, this isn’t going to be a good place for anyone playing or coaching there,” said Archer.

“The championship race last season was really about Gothica, Emerald United, Naval Armada, Shamrock Celtic, and Shazam CM reaching trying to one up each other,” said Thomas. “This season? Well, we’re quickly seeing a lot of the same clubs fighting for the top spot, but Halo is making a play for being in that mix, though I don’t think that we’ll see all five of last year’s clubs in the top five spots this year. Gothica, Emerald United, and Naval Armada are really the clubs to watch for the championship this year. Shazam CM and Shamrock Celtic have a lot to prove but I believe their efforts are going to fall short.”

“I think that Celtic doesn’t want to admit it, but losing Patrick Barnes makes Armada that much better and they really need someone to take his place,” said Archer.

“What about the new clubs, David?” asked Thomas.

“Well,” said Archer, “Tardis is sitting in seventh on the table right now and the other three new clubs are occupying three of the bottom four spots in the league. If we look at what they’re doing differently, Tardis really isn’t worrying about being scored on when they’re on the pitch, they’re looking to do their own thing and push forward. There are big names on each of the new clubs but only Tardis has seemed to figure out how to coalesce while the other three are metaphorically running into each other on the pitch.”

“This is turning out to be an exciting looking season and we’ll be more than happy to get back to our regular format, as well as trying other new formats in the future,” said Thomas. “Until next week, we’ll see you here on Emerald Specter.com.”

ESPL Week 3: Scoring Extravaganza

coveresplIf you doubted that the ESPL is entering an era of unlimited potential, then you need to check out what just happened this past weekend. There was so much scoring, some wondered if this was American football. Let’s get to the action!


The first thing that needs to be addressed is that last week, we erroneously posted a table with the header “Week 1” instead of “Week 2.” That was simply an oversight, we received plenty of feedback, and we have corrected the issue for Week 3.

The first match of the weekend was Gothica hosting Allen FC, and the reigning champions let everyone know immediately that they were looking to repeat as league champions by scoring six goals compared to only allowing Allen to score three. The visitors scorers were Patrick Tarken (13′), Shawn Rock (17′), and James McDaniel (77′). Gothica scored early and they scored often, including goals from Donovan Right (3′, 52′, & 56′), Simon Tarken (28′, 53′, & 54′), and Vaughn Terrell (85′). With two hat tricks, Gothica thought they would be the spotlight of the week, opening strong and finishing their opponents with definitive strikes.

“We weren’t messing around,” said Gothica team captain Simon Tarken. “Donovan and I both got hat tricks, we would have tried to get Vaughn one, too, but the clock just ran out of time. We are keeping this championship here and we are going to make sure that the road to being champions of the ESPL runs through Gothica.”

Then we saw the second match of the week.

Emerald United hosted Citrus LF and outscored the previous match by winning 8-3! Citrus scorers were Jean-Louis Pepon (26′), Nicolai Borloff (44′), and Kovali Anand (72′). The hosts kept up and really crushed Citrus towards the end of the match with goals from Dae Ho Park (4′ & 33′), Dzung Tran (8′ & 86′), Bill Lubiel (38′ & 42′), Edge Right (84′), and Trent Areonak (89′).

“We called the Citrus LF home office and asked if their club was going to show up for the match today,” said Trent Areonak, team captain of Emerald United. The media laughed. “In all honesty, though, they played well but our scoring really took their minds out of the game. We saw what Gothica did and decided we wanted to outdo them, so we did.”

Octagon hosted Halo FC in the third match of the week, with only Ghudra Nmamba (33′) scoring in this one. The home crowd was hostile towards the guests but that didn’t bother Halo as they worked towards their 1-0 final score.

One upsmanship didn’t stop with Emerald United, as Naval Armada hosted their 7-3 victory over Knightsquare set the high mark for the week at seven goals. Knightsquare scored via Freidrich Gunther (4′), Pedro Cruz (42′), and Claude Deveraux (46′) was their showing and wasn’t enough against the home side. Naval Armada had goals from Patrick Barnes (8′ & 91′), Yuri Petrikoff (40′), Alan Marquardt (54′), Matt Craven (66′), and Khan Galaxy (67′ & 87′).

“This squad is a championship squad and we are showing that every week,” said Horatio Antonelli, manager of Naval Armada. “We are undefeated, we have four of the best players in the league leading the way, and we are on top of the table at week 3. I think that we have a good chance to bring the championship to where it should have been last year, which is here at Armada.”

Did you think that was the best showing by a home side this week? You’d be wrong.

Shamrock Celtic, Patrick Barnes’s former club, outdid everyone this week by putting up a final score of 10-4 against newcomers Queensdaisy. The away side scored via Bart Hathaway (84′) and a hat trick from all star Shawn Alexander (29′, 41′, & 86′), who chose to come to a brand new club to be the anchor. Shamrock Celtic put in goals by Ron Terrell (2′), Marco Kaspazov (9′), Eric Stennon (40′), Keb Mogodai (47′), Arak Shemin (57′, 62′, 71′, 79′, & 91’… five goals from one player in one half), and Hadji Khan (74′). Team captain Arak Shemin scored five times in a single half, one shy of a double hat trick.

“Queensdaisy really put a focus on Shemin and Khan early in the match,” said Shamrock Celtic manager Ephraim Colton. “That opened up scoring opportunities for Terrell, Kaspazov, Stennon, and Mogodai that probably wouldn’t have been there. Arak was livid, though, and he wanted to drive home that he was not going to be denied and he almost scored a double hat trick on his own and dominated the second half of the match. Hadji mentioned that he was sorry to have stolen that one goal from Arak, who could have also put it in, but Arak said that no one should avoid the shot if they can take it. This is a team determined to show we were more than just one player who speaks loudly.”

Shazam CM hosted Real Olympia and ESPL fans were expected Shazam to up the stakes again with the scoring but were treated to more of a tactical battle as the clubs finished in a 2-2 draw. Real Olympia had scored via Francisco Perez (41′) and Louis Calipso (51′), while the home side scored via Taoufik Belbani (8′) and Carlos Marcos (28′).

“This was really a tough fought game,” said David Archer, ESPL commentator. “Shazam was expecting to be big talkers like the other clubs making waves this week but they came out and were really quiet in comparison. I don’t think this club can take the championship this year but they’ll not be rolled over, to be sure.”

Vulcan FC hosted Sporting Black Cats in another tactical masterpiece, with the hosts scoring the only goal (Jesse Davis at 12′).

“It’s nice to score the winning goal,” said Jesse Davis. “It’s unfortunate that I only had one goal, as it seems that scoring 3 to 8 times was the trend this week. Still, we got the win.”

The final match of the week was between Wordsmiths who hosted Tardis in the spotlight game of the week. The away side showed some weaknesses that Wordsmiths were all too happy to capitalize on. The home side were the only scorers as Wordsmiths scored via Russell Mantrell (12′), James Traceur (14′), Calvin Casey (22′), and Travis Trevors (32′ & 33′).

“There was a lot of talk about Tardis being the shining moment for expansion clubs,” said Jason White, team captain of Wordsmiths. “We shut them out, shut them down, and Travis even shored twice in two minutes. There is something to be said for established clubs.”

“I couldn’t have asked for more action than this,” said DJ Allen, owner and founder of the ESPL. “There was a lot of scoring, a lot of talk, and I’m interested in seeing where the league heads from here.”

Only time will tell.

ESPL Week 2: Movement

coveresplAs one would expect, there is plenty of movement on the table and we nearly had a draw free week. Let’s see what the week looked like and go in depth on the particulars.


There was plenty of discussion over the past two weeks, that perhaps some of these epic matchups should be considered “derbys,” and those are under consideration. One that is a shoe in for being a derby is the Emerald United-Gothica matches, though some are arguing for others. The league will rule on them in time but pointed out that perhaps the fans should be the ones to decide the derby matches instead of the league.

Allen FC hosted Emerald United, with the visitors scoring at 47′ (Paco DeJesus) and 74′ (Edge Righte). There were a plethora of yellow cards handed out, mostly in the second half when things started to get moving for both clubs, but Emerald United won in the end with a 2-0 showing away.

“I don’t always have something to say,” said Trent Areonak, Emerald United team captain. “Sometimes I like to just sit back and let the feet do the talking. We did that today.”

Citrus LF hosted Gothica, with the visitors scoring at 53′ (Guillermo Martinez) and 79′ (Adam Stonewall) putting through the only two goals. Gothica’s 2-0 victory was never in doubt, even though there wasn’t a score in the first half at all.

“We didn’t really come on strong until the second half,” said Peter Stark, GM of Gothica. “I went into the locker room and rallied everyone up and told them that if they don’t start showing some effort, I’ll start selling players to second tiers of leagues they don’t want to play in. Two goals and I’m a happy camper.”

Halo FC hosted Naval Armada, with the visitors getting the only goal at 78′ (Yuri Petrikoff). This was a heated battle as three players were given double yellow cards, obvious each being booted for red cards. Halo suffered by the losses of Hogi Prince (54′) and Hector Cruz (69′), with Naval losing the services of Alan Marquardt (60′). Naval did win the day with the single goal of 1-0.

“All three of the cards were completely avoidable,” said Horatio Antonelli, GM of Naval Armada. “Prince and Cruz just kept pressing and pressing until they were booted and Marquardt is going to have some time to consider his overreaction at being scolded for that terrible tackle. He could have taken that poor boy out.” The reference was to Marquardt slide tackling Derric Stennon not once, but twice in the course of the full match.

Knightsquare hosted Octagon in the first home win of the week, with Knightsquare scoring at 38′ (Albert Styles) and 91′ (Freidrich Gunther), and Octagon only scoring once at 40′ (Josh Franklin). The quick answer to Knightsquare’s initial goal was to give everyone a reason to stand for the majority of this match. Chances were had by both sides and only in extra time did Knightsquare seal the win with the second goal for a 2-1 victory.

“Losing in week one wasn’t fun,” said Albert Styles, team captain for Knightsquare. “I wanted to make sure to put my best foot forward and step up for the club. We took the victory and we’re going to turn this thing around early so we don’t get anywhere near what happened last season.”

Queensdaisy hosted Shazam CM, with the visitors scoring the only goal at 48′ (Hoshi Tanaka). Most of the match was spent on the home side’s part of the field and Queensdaisy’s goal keeper, Cristiano Lopez, got quite the work out blocking all the chances.

“Lopez is a hell of a keeper,” said Taoufik Belbani, team captain of Shazam CM. “We kicked a lot of balls at him and he nearly blocked them all. That one that got through, though, that was all that really matters. We got one more than they did.”

Real Olympia hosted Shamrock Celtic, with the visitors scoring at 28′ (Keb Mogodai), 67′ (Arak Shemin), and 86′ (Simon Tavez) to definitively get a 3-0 win.

“Real wasn’t ready for this match,” said Ephraim Colton, GM for Shamrock Celtic. “We wanted to come in and make a statement but I thought they’d fight back a little harder than they did. We came in, punched the home side in the mouth, and simply took whatever we wanted to.”

Sporting Black Cats hosted Wordsmiths, with Sporting scoring at 2′ (Wade Wonder), 8′ (Avendale Borusa), and 79′ (Victor Khrushchev). Wordsmiths scored at 25′ & 29′, both from the foot of Jack Doyle.

“They gave us a run for our money,” said Avendale Borusa, Sporting team captain. “Wade and I scored, then Doyle scored twice. I couldn’t believe it. The second half and Victor stepping up really gave us the push we needed but this was a wake up call. I don’t want another close one like this at home against a club we aren’t supposed to have a problem with.”

Tardis hosted Vulcan FC to a 0-0 draw, with a few yellow cards handed out but otherwise not much in the way of excitement to report. Tardis, in only their second match, has now contended with two clubs they shouldn’t have had any business having a chance in.

“The league is growing and getting better,” said DJ Allen, ESPL owner and founder. “We’ve only have two weeks go by in the ESPL for our second season and I’m already evaluating the possibility of expanding again next year. Ideally, the league would be 16 to 18 clubs, and we’d have ourselves a second tier for promotion/relegation purposes, but this is a hell of a start. Tardis is already packing their stadium and this is the first year!”

Only time will tell, but there was a lot of movement in the table and things should start to stabilize for the rest of the season. Who will be contending for the title and who will be sitting at the bottom? Check next week for the next chapter in that saga!