008: Art or Just Story?

I’ve come against a new “thing” that should make everyone happy: do I include art as part of the releases or just worry about the story and mechanical elements?

You might be wondering why this should make you happy… well, it means I’ve reached a point to where I’m actually going to start testing things out.

Yep, progress!

I’ve written on this site that I’m not the greatest artist in the world, according to me. I’d have to either create the art myself or pay someone else to do it… and maybe I just solved my problem right there. Patreon support comes in handy right here as commissioning someone to create art specifically for BuJourneyRPG won’t come cheap.

That means without support, I’ll probably be going without art for the launch and considering my own artistic options for further releases.

One cannot underestimate how much art will add to the finished product.

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