009: Decisions

Hey, all! I am back, finally, with another Dev Blog. I have some time, so I need to get to work on some stuff… and that stuff is BuJoRPG and BuJourneyRPG related!

The decision has been made to run the BuJourneyRPG system like the Matrix: a portal to enter all of the story paths from, allowing the power scaling from being an issue. Not only that but instead of making BuJourneyRPG obsolete as soon as I come up with a slightly different format, I can use the BuJourneyRPG system to allow for variations if I want to play around with the format a bit.

What I mean, without being vague this time, is that I can have the “character collecting’ like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes without coming up with BuJoRPG 3. Nifty, right?

While I don’t know if I’ll have a solid (i.e. big) build of the basic beginning of the story system, I’m aiming for it. I should at least have the “story to get into the system” portion done before the end of the month.

That’s what I’m aiming for, anyway.

In this early stage, I’m not going to worry about art. I’m just going to get the information put in a readable place, make sure the instructions are easy to follow, play test is a couple of times, and then worry about how to make the thing look pretty.

As a designer, I tend to over obsess about the form without necessarily thinking about the function being complete first.

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