010: Big BuJo Bananza

Did you think I forgot about you? I didn’t. There is a lot to talk about involving BuJourneyRPG, so let me not keep you in suspense and get to it.

It’s not a secret, though you might not have realized it, that I was having some issues getting things to work on my end. There were certain items that I couldn’t get to work, no matter what I did. Along with the systems not falling into place, I was so stressed out of trying to figure out how to leave it as open as possible for “skinning” with templates, that I completely stopped working on it several times to give myself a break from thinking about it.

Something wasn’t right and I needed some space to really evaluate exactly what the hell was going on. I just couldn’t figure it out.

This brought on my little tangent of finally getting my digital bullet journal up and running that wouldn’t remove the setup of each layout which apparently was a big part of why I loved the bullet journal in the first place. I decided to go with a “weathered paper” look (like the Grail Diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).

A spark was there… the digital journal had given me what I needed to get moving again.

Once my digital bullet journal was completed, the “ancient BuJo” look I had given it made me realize I was trying to make BuJourneyRPG too broad instead of just building something and adding layers to that later, like an onion. An onion I have mentioned in past columns is how you build something complicated.

The first night I had my new digital journal was the night I added some notes that changed the direction of where BuJourneyRPG will be headed. I’ve added quite a bit of information to that already and I’ve not really stopped a whole lot since getting started again.

My first order of business was to stop trying to expand the system to be wide and free and narrow it down to a single, cohesive story. I already had a story I could fit into it without worrying about licensing or lightly reskinning an IP to use the basic framework. You will get to experience that story in all its glory, and the history of this “IP” is so vast that it spans from a Bronze Age-like beginning all the way into the spacefaring future, covering roughly 8,000 years (give or take a 1,000 or two).

I have simplified the basics and have already begun working out how everything will work and once I put that all down in actual writing, I will begin producing the product you’ll come to know as the basic adventure you get, for free, that will give you everything you need to get moving towards actual self improvement.

There is one more thing I want to pass on to you before I end this column. I was previously planning to release modules with specific goals in them… like, you’d get the module for physical fitness to be more physically fit (getting you up to walk, exercise, etc all while getting chunks of whatever story that went along with that). I’ve decided to just include bits like this into the basic adventure and the impending future releases. Rather than four attributes, I’ve also culled them down to just three: physical, mental, and social.

When you get the basic adventure release, all will be well. I just need to make sure I’ve got everything written down.

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