011: Not Dead, Not Forgotten

Remember when I had an update on my BuJo Dev Blogs at least once a month? Remember when I said I was making my “ancient looking” digital journal and would be testing some things out? Time for another update.

Life as a postal employee during the “peak season,” or “Christmas Hell” as I like to think of it, is a bit rough. The heightened activity level, coupled with the high stress levels, has focus going in all kinds of directions. Add that onto my wife’s business increasing this time of year, also, and you have a perfect storm of activity that is nothing but work.

I haven’t used my digital journal much recently. By recently, I really mean since October. The month after I talked about setting the thing up. Things haven’t changed, I’ve not put “pen to paper,” or Pencil to Screen, since about a week after posting that article.

Why am I posting now? Why indeed.

Every once in a while I get a huge jump in traffic. That jump is almost exclusively BuJo related, and for my site is BuJoRPG related. When I have a chance, I look through what parts people have come here for and I start getting a little inspired.

Until today, I’ve not been able to do much about that.

I’m opening my “ancient BuJo” again. I didn’t set anything up as far as spreads or anything because I knew that if I wanted it to last a long term and if I wanted to not have to have multiple pages that are empty and useless. I want to start improving myself again and that means I also need to start building the BuJourneyRPG system.

When I stopped using my BuJo I was actively working on the background of the story portion of the system. Yes, I have actually made a lot of progress on that one. There’s a lot of background that I’ve been mapping out and while I haven’t written anything in the past week, I only stopped a week ago.

So, technically, I haven’t stopped working on BuJourneyRPG. I just haven’t been working on putting it into a readable format for the instruction manual I need to build. I decided on the part of the history that everyone will be playing through, and there is a LOT of history to choose from, believe me. I even know the part of that history. It’ll be a little “on the rails,” but what RPG isn’t these days?

Keep the hope, I’ve not stopped working. I just need to get some time to work on things in a “proper” way, something organized and something salable.

I wanted to drop you all this line to say that I’ll be working hard on the system again once January rolls around. I just need the time, some down time, to put things into perspective and put things together.

Thanks for stopping by.

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