131: Return to the Wagon

There has been a few things going on around this website lately and I believe that there needs to be more than a passing “here’s what’s going on” post on the site. This is the first time that I’m properly making a post since the end of last year.

The Dawn of the New Website

Late 2020, the website needed a redesign and I purchased a theme for the site that was not going to be supported by the designer. That fact was not made abundantly clear at the point of purchase and because of that, trying to install the new look screwed up the old look and made using the site a little bit of a nightmare for a couple of months. After a few false starts, I got something working long enough to get working what you see today on the site.

The look that you currently have is something that took a lot of testing to attain. There was more I wanted to do but without going completely off the deep end, I think what I ended up with is sufficient to allow for future expansion and allow for neat little additions throughout what hopefully will be a great long run.

Actual Play is Still Running… and is Back to Releasing

After getting a chance to finally edit some episodes of Season Two of Emerald Nights, I managed to get some episodes uploaded and scheduled for release, which should be dropping on a regular basis starting this Saturday (Sunday)? I dropped episode 1 the instant I could get the episode uploaded (had a bit of a curfuffle with it, sorry) and didn’t bother waiting to release it… but episodes 2 through however many I end up with will be out weekly until they run out.

Having time to get some editing done a little more regularly than never, I should be able to finish Season Two and then with any luck be able to roll right into the game my crew is currently playing for release right afterwards. I haven’t released a name on that one yet because I want to build a little drama up towards the release of it.

I will hint to you that we are currently are playing the “unknown space RPG”, then going to play a “one shot” Vampire the Masquerade campaign (Montreal by Night), then Season Three of Emerald Nights, and then we haven’t determined what we’re going into next… of which we have a few options. But look at all the content you’ll have coming out!

BuJoRPG2: Discord, Development, and Difficulties

The BuJoRPG Discord has been a wonderful idea, and though I haven’t had a chance to develop anything on it for a few weeks, I have really wanted to get back into the swing of things. Home life has caused me to have to put things on the back burner a little bit because if I’m not doing my share around the house, I’m not really getting done what needs to be done.

This is the one thing that fell by the wayside the easiest because it’s the one thing that I have to do the most deliberately among all of the things on my list. I can edit audio while I’m doing other things. I can write while I’m doing other things. I can dabble in artistic ventures while I’m doing other things. I cannot work on BuJoRPG2 halfheartedly, because when I do, things turn out like I really put no effort into them at all.

With the time at home looking like I’ll be here a little while longer than I’d planned, I am planning on putting some time aside at least weekly to get back into the BuJo swing. All the projects should get worked on, not just the ones that are the easiest to work on.


I revamped the Patreon tiers, and I’m telling everyone that because I need to start making something in order to offset working income. If I can get something for all of the above projects I can start doing those projects more and that means I can start putting more effort into all of them. As it stands, however, I’m trying to fit these things in and around my time and free time isn’t always there. Even a dollar a month goes a long way, folks! Discord (the special Actual Play Discord) is joinable at $3/month, so jump on in!

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