132: One Digital Brick At A Time

I don’t write enough on my own website. I write so infrequently, in fact, that I’m positive that the last time I wrote a column that the font I saw on the back end was different than the one I’m seeing as I’m typing.

The thing I write about most, lately, is what I’m doing. Sometimes, though, what I’m planning on doing dovetails with how I’m going to be setting things up to succeed for the future. So… I am going to be talking about things I’ve talked about in the past, but how they’ll relate to the future. I’ll cover all the good things (and some of them are already well into the process of development).


Yeah, you knew I was going to hit this one but probably not the way you thought I was going to cover it. I could talk about how the expansion of the attributes, skills, and whatever else, but then I’m just retreading the same information that I’ve written about in the past.

Something I haven’t done since I’ve been developing BuJoRPG2 is actually doing bullet journaling. I’ve made digital journals, I’ve developed systems for gamification of the bullet journaling, and after releasing the version 1 I haven’t really continued journaling. That needs to change.

I don’t have this huge and grand plan to start going 100% back into journaling like I used to, but I do plan on getting back into doing the journaling that matters to my specific life. That means there will be a lot of lists with lots of goals.

What are those goals going to be? Well, things related to getting projects done, of course!

One of the big goals is to develop a story for the user to go through, and that is important because it will also help develop the skill trees which will be very important for character development. Speaking of developing a story, that leads right into the next topic…

RPG Maker MV

Rather than building an RPG from scratch separate from everything else I’m doing, I decided that I would build the same game for two different things. RPG Maker game and BuJoRPG2! Yes, the same backstory, the same world, the same basic set up will be used for both systems!

Now, there IS a split between the two systems. RPG Maker will have a series of characters from several perspectives telling a specific story. BuJoRPG2 will have the same world, but will have THAT STORY told from a single person perspective.

They won’t tell the same story, for sure, but they’ll be using all the same background information and map. I have been toying with the idea that they BuJoRPG2 version would either be a prequel or a sequel to the RPG Maker version, but I’ve also considered doing a “this happens way over here” scenario, too.

The stats for RPG Maker will be different for BuJoRPG2, so there will be some differences in how the two systems work, obviously, but there will be story elements that will crossover. The idea is that those who use both (play the game and use BuJoRPG2) will get a more complete story than those that only do one or the other. There will be a complete story in each system, but there will be a bigger story for both.

Actual Play Podcasts

The group that I game with, the voices you hear on Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle, are a solid enough bunch to where we’re expanding out our options a bit. Now, I’ve probably mentioned this before, but we have started playing different games other than just Vampire. So, let me lay out things a bit (with an announcement, of sorts).

This weekend has no episode release of Emerald Nights because editing has gotten backed up again and I need to catch up. I’ll have a chance to get a couple of episodes (I’m planning on getting 2 to 4) in the can and then be able to do at least an episode or 2 weekly until Emerald Nights is wrapped up with Season 2.

After Season 2 editing completes, then I begin editing the next game we played, which is… drum roll (this is your sort of announcement)… Demesne! (It is pronounced like domain, but more of a “deh” beginning.) This is our space RPG, which we used the Expanse RPG as the system as our base system. The setting is vaguely like the Expanse, but it is an original setting, so stayed tuned for that! I can also tell you there will be a Season 2 of Demesne as we ended on a cliffhanger!

Our group is currently playing Vampire the Masquerade again, though we are in a different setting than Emerald Nights (a setting where I am a player, not the storyteller). As of this writing, we are still actively playing this setting, so I am unable to tell you how long it will be, but once we complete it I can tell you that we will return to Emerald Nights for Season 3… and boy oh boy do I have big plans for Season 3!

Road to Yokozuna

Uh, hey, what the hell is Road to Yokozuna?

I’m so glad you asked.

Road to Yokozuna is a sumo game on Discord that simulates the sport of sumo. Think of it as a text based game with a turn based move game where you battle your way though a basho (Japanese for tournament) to work your way through the ranks to become a Yokozuna!

When I joined the game, things were done largely by hand and at a slower pace so that the feel could be as close as possible to participating in a real sumo bout (as real as one can feel through text only). As things have progressed, though, we have some systems that have been created (bots) that have allowed for a little streamlining but kept the feel!

There are also lots of people working to build up the simulation to make it feel more like something living than just a game. There’s a podcast (I am currently the one running it, and as of this moment, only a single episode has dropped, but our next tournament hasn’t really officially started yet), there are analysts who break down the basho performances, and we are sure to have artists at some point putting up more than just images to bring even more life to this game.

Everyone there is super friendly, helpful, and we’re always accepting newcomers. Why not stop on by? Maybe you could become the next big thing in sumo?

A Final Word

I’m working on getting everything working in the right direction, and in case anyone is wondering, there is a lot of the backstory done on the “double game” part already. The basic map is even done, too, I just need to build the map correctly for the two locations so it looks correct, but I’ve gotten really far on the hardest parts. Well, the hardest part is writing up all the details for everyone else to get the understanding to play the games!

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