133: Designing an RPG (and BuJoRPG)

I added the parenthetical part to assuage any fears that I was working on something entirely separate than what I’m supposed to be working on, so be secure in the fact that things are being done in the background on the things that need to be done in the background. But, dear friends, who is worried?

BuJoRPG2 and RPG Maker MV

As I’ve mentioned, or at least I hope I’ve mentioned (as I’ve not gone back and reread anything I’ve written before today), I have been intending to use the same background information (and map, and world, etc, etc) for both BuJoRPG2 and RPG Maker MV. Knowing that, let me tell you where I’m at.

I’ve gotten the map in general drawn up and I just need to convert it to use in the two particular places that it will be used. BuJoRPG2 will need it in hexagonal form, as I’ve based everything in the system with a hexagonal structure… which means (starting today, as I write this) I will start laying down hexagonal tiles with mountains, plains, sand, coastline, etc to form the map in total to be able to put in the official BuJoRPG Discord so that I can move along with the next phase of the design process (which is building the story path and the skill tree to use along the way).

As far as the RPG Maker MV side of things, I can either use the default tile sets that come with the program or I can decide to go more “artsy” with them, which is the direction I’m thinking of going with the map. If I do go more artsy, I will have to take a lot of the rest of the design in that style, so thought it still being put into that.

The two stories diverge in that the RPG Maker story is told from 4 or 5 different perspectives and the BuJoRPG2 story will have to be told from a single perspective at a different point in time (either a prequel or a sequel). There is a slim change I can make it fit in at the same time as the RPG Maker story, but that gets a little hairy.

Table Top RPG

Everyone who plays table top role playing games, at one point or another, thinks they can design their own system. Whether they just home-brew (tweak) an existing system or come up with an entirely new system out of whole clothe, everyone tries it at some point.

I’ve done both.

As for home-brew, I’ve helped modify ShadowRun rules to the point that the books were barely useable anymore… we did a LOT of modifications. We had two 3 ring binders maxed out full of loose leaf paper full of our own notes with how our version ran, which basically (if we’d have changed the names of things) could have been published as a separate system entirely. I do not know who ended up with those binders, I do know it wasn’t me.

As for creating original RPGs, I’ve successfully done it once and I’m about 90% along with doing it a second time.

The first time was while I was in the Navy, I had cobbled together a series of rules that built a foundation for an original RPG system. My RPG group ran about 2 months worth of scenarios, we figured out what was broken and what wasn’t, I adjusted the broken stuff to work, and we went back with refined rules. When I got out of the Navy, that system was lost in the move back home… it was called Strange Land and it’s been so long since I’ve run a game, I couldn’t tell you how it even played anymore.

This most recently design, however, is the one I think I’ve got the stronger handle on. It’s based on how successful one can be at accomplishing simple tasks, which would be done through rolling a certain die. The system would use the common range of die available to a system (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) and you’d basically be rolling bigger die when you got better at a certain thing.

I want to use this system for one of our upcoming Actual Play games for an original setting. I’ll detail more in a series of posts that will lay things out for anyone who’d like to also use the system. This will be the birth of the next big thing on this website…

Game Master Blog

A couple of years ago I was looking for blogs that specifically would give me some tips on things I could do to be helping me along as a GM. Over the past couple of years, I have discovered that most of the tips I saw were things I already knew, have already tried, or things that were geared for GMs that were just starting out. Anything for GMs that were at my level were either not easy to find, were for very specific systems in very specific scenarios, or were just generally for handling meta level activity.

This has led me to wanting to produce what I’ve been looking for, because one thing I learned a long time ago was if you want something, you more than likely have to do it yourself.

Now, will my GM blog be everything for advanced GMs? No, I’m not going straight for the top of the line all the time. I will also have stuff for new GMs and for particular scenarios. I will also have stuff for tips of plot hooks, or long term storylines, or campaigns that will blow players’ minds because they have nearly forgotten about that one thing and you brought it back when they weren’t expecting it.

It won’t come immediately but when it does, I’ll try to be as regular as possible with the blog. As I’m trying to get back into journaling, I will even try to pre-schedule the releases to get ahead of the curve, that way content is always coming out.

I hope this will be something that will be interesting to others, as I would find it interesting. For now, though, thank you for reading and I look forward to writing to you again soon.

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