134: Podcasting Updates

Friends and followers… I hope that you read this here blog because this is where you find out all the goodies that are to come and updates that come out about all the things you know and love. That was a run on sentence if I ever wrote one.

I’m going to be talking about podcasting in this blog, so I don’t know how long or short this is going to be, but I am going to be trying to stick to just talking about podcasting, so bear with me.

The Specter Show

I bet that there aren’t many that expected to see that show title pop back up in the listings again. While the Specter Show just used to be a weekly update podcast about what was going on with the website, I’m going to be bringing back the podcast to be talking about more things that I care about talking about… actual topics, people. I don’t know if those things are going to be solidly followable or all over the place, but they will be things that interest me.

Some of the things that interest me are chess (I’ve mentioned this in the past ad nauseam, but I’m doubting it’ll pop up much), sumo, politics (I’m an independent), game design (RPGs in general, but also BuJoRPG), bullet journaling, travel, history, TV shows (of various types), movies, and of course other podcasts… these are to name but a few of the topics that I might discuss.

I have this column to update things about the website and I’d like to turn the Specter Show into something else. There’s not a set date that this is returning, yet, but I’m trying to figure out how often I want to do this and whether or not I’m even going to do the show on a set schedule.

The Greatest Show

At least twice in the past, the Greatest Show has taken a hefty hiatus… both times the show returned to a glorious run of greatness of fun and frivolity. The first phase of the life of the show was Bob and I discussing our time in the Navy and watching my wife make me food via video. The second phase of the life of the show was a group cast that had an occasional guest on to discuss something that they specialize in, with the latter part of this phase being more about the guests than the group as the group started to thin out.

The last broadcast of the Greatest Show was on May 2, 2020. There has been another show since but it cannot be edited with sound, and thus sits in limbo… just limp like a soggy pickle. In 2020 there were only 2 shows (technically 3, but you get it), with not a ton of activity in 2019. I don’t know about you, but that’s a long time without any Greatest Show.

Work is being done on recruiting a couple of additional hosts to resurrect the Greatest Show for a third phase of life. The focus will be to concentrate on a plan of action (maybe some drinking, game playing via video, topic discussion on a specific set of subjects, etc) without a haphazard “fly by the seat of our pants” approach that was prevalent in phase two.

While the intent will be to provide video, we will also be working to live stream that video. Releasing the show comes first and providing a live experience will come when things are back in order.

Actual Play: Emerald Nights

The Emerald Nights Season 2 is about to end (May 15 is when the last episode of Season 2 drops), which will be about a month before we (as a group) start playing Season 3 behind the scenes. There has been some hefty work put into Season 3’s background to provide as grounded an experience for the players as possible, without (hopefully) dragging in too many over the top supernatural elements. Season 3 is designed to be character focused, Kindred political struggles, and the fate of Portland decided in the streets as one can provide.

Tentative plans for a Season 4 are being made as well, so the total story isn’t over. As long as the players are interested, I’d be into doing a Season 5, too. I do have some things planned for loooooong term if they want to keep playing but this will keep going until we hit the place where we just run a series finale and then “hit the movies.”

Actual Play: Demesne

What is to follow Emerald Nights Season 2 is our space RPG game Demesne. The number of sessions we ran were short but the task of editing these into episodes has turned out to be a much bigger issue than editing Emerald Nights. This means I have to have a release break between Emerald Nights and Demesne.

How long will the gap be? I don’t know yet, but I’ll make it as short as I can.

When we shifted games, I wanted to include sound effects with the presentation of Demesne and I’ve learned fairly quickly that I’m going to have to due things as normally as possible to just get through the process. I’d like to not do that but I’m doing my best.

Actual Play: VtM Montreal

I’m not dropping the name of our second Vampire the Masquerade chronicle here because that’s not my place, but it’s the game where one of my Emerald Nights players (Gates) is the Storyteller and I’m a player. He’s doing a great job and since he’s the one running it, he’s the one editing the audio, too. The good news is that when he gives me the audio, I’ll start posting that unless it interferes with the release of Demesne or another release item.

Basically, I want one thing coming out at a time.

So, if VtM Montreal is done before Demesne is, then VtM Montreal gets it’s release before Demesne does, period.

We’re all having fun in this campaign and Gates is doing great job running things. I can say that I’m interested in doing this for more than a “season,” which it feels like we’re going to get to do, and we’ll see where things go after we solve our “season 1” mystery!

Actual Play: New Game?

Another Emerald Nights player, Kevin, will be taking the GM role to run us through an original setting (something I came up with that he’s interested in seeing what he can do with it) sometime after Emerald Nights Season 3. We haven’t come up with a title for this one, yet, but we do have some of the background work done and the basic idea of what will be going on… mainly because I outlined things for him in the pitch.

What he’s waiting on are two things: 1) figuring out what system to run the game in that best fits what he wants to do and 2) the time to run the actual game, which is after VtM Montreal and Emerald Nights Season 3.

Dohyo Download

I decided to start podcasting about the Road to Yokozuna game we play on Discord, which I’ve made a couple of failed attempts at before this latest basho. Those of us that play the game love it and those of us that love it a lot do things that enhance the game for others.

I podcast, one of the other players does a detailed write up and spreadsheet for all the statistics, a couple others have made historical tomes about the past basho winners, still others are coming up with other things to include to enhance this game further. I’d like to eventually animate some wrestlers to turn the podcast into video but right now it’s only audio.

This show is done when I have time, and during bashos that is when I have time after each “block” of matches are completed. In this off season, I will be doing interviews with some of those who have created things in the back end and that should be interesting as well, but this schedule is what essentially inspired me to consider this as a viable schedule for the Specter Show.

Without even realizing what has happened, I’ve sort of built a little podcasting network without meaning to and now I can get things moving again in the direction I wanted to about a decade ago: building an actual network of shows.

Final Thoughts

Podcasting is something I’ve been doing since August of 2001. I had a tiny little pro wrestling podcast then (6 whole episodes of the first version, about 10 of the second one) and I kept trying to do more. I’ve done podcasts about RPGs (the Podcast of Darkness in 2006, hosting what I believe was the first actual play online at the time) and Echoes Darkly, tech shows (Limelight on Apple), as well as plenty of others I haven’t even mentioned.

This is the biggest update to podcasts I’ve done on this site and I hope things work out the way I plan them to, since this is a big move forward for Emerald Specter.com. I hope you enjoy the content and the efforts.

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