A Note About the Specter Show

Do not adjust your podcast settings, you did NOT receive a Specter Show this week. Here’s why:

Work has been insane and I ended up working an amount of hours this week that couldn’t possibly have been planned for in a season that is not Christmas. While I normally record on Sundays, the Game of Thrones being on when I would normally record has emboldened me to record later in the week and that was really the long and the short of things… I missed it.

But, there is a good reason why missing it will work out in the end.

Atlas Rises, the new update for No Man’s Sky came out this past week and it is awesome. This has (if you are following the Emerald Specter YouTube Channel 2) spawned the Specter of the Galaxy, which has taken a slightly different form… and that also needs explaining, but that comes later. Specter of the Galaxy will be me, in a new game, live streaming my experience and following the storylines that have been added to the game. Follow along as I play as often, and for as long, as I can each installment, attempting to get somewhere exciting in the game.

There will be TWO Specter Shows this week, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday (catching the “once a week” track record back up). Tuesday’s will be the No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises update talk, and the Specter Show on Thursday will be a manifesto (of sorts) on the plans that are going to be made for the website going into 2018 and beyond…

… let me digress back to that “needs some explaining” about the new Specter of the Galaxy. Testing is being done in the background about how I can tell the story, with the Creative Mode of the game instead (thus, hopefully, eliminating the need to worry about getting roped into a storyline that won’t fall into the narrative). Time will tell, but this will now have a different name.

Finally, to avoid this becoming a full on column, the BuJoRPG Version 1.8 will be finalized as soon as I can get time to write it up. I won’t release a base version, just the Wuxia “Rise of the Iron Garden” version, because as I started this column with, my time isn’t necessarily completely available to get this all done.

BuJoRPG Version 2 will begin testing very soon and rather than parse out little bits of info from this point on, I’ll release a “beta” version for help testing things that I won’t have time to do… let me get it set up, then we’ll get it moving forward.

Thanks for reading and let’s get things back to normal.

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