A Review of Stranded (starring Christian Slater)

Stranded-2013-Movie-PosterI’m going to spoil this review for you, it’s terrible.

The idea behind watching this movie came from the boredom that is wanting to watch a movie we haven’t seen yet and seeing this on NetFlix.  This movie is terrible.

The movie stars Christian Slater with three nobodies in a movie that should have been buried deeper than the E.T. video games that were found in a landfill.  The models used in the movie were terrible and you could tell they were models, the computer graphics were terrible and you could tell they were laid over the film and that the actors couldn’t see them.  All the alien scenes look like puppets being moved around until the thing finally transforms into one of the three nobodies, which is terrible, and the movie suffers from the worst sin of all: there is absolutely nothing redeeming about it.

The action was slow, the action was terribly acted, all the tropes that exist in the world today were shoehorned into this movie and Christian Slater should be ashamed to have made this film at all.  Out of 5 stars I give this a -3 because it’s that terrible.


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