Another Update About Emerald Nights…

Okay… after a few days from the “recording” of what was supposed to be live broadcast, I can finally talk about what happened, what will happen, and where we go from here.

Aaron had some microphone issues, Mike had some headphones AND camera issues, and my smooth running operation completely fell apart moments before we were supposed to go live. I think that I’ll skip my players’ issues and go straight for what was up with my end.

OBS, the Open Broadcasting Software, was all set up and though I ran a couple of “not quite up to my standards” tests, I was going to just deal with the jumping of the video and push through. Then I went to get everything set up and OBS wouldn’t pull up my windows that I’d preset… OBS wouldn’t broadcast to YouTube, even though everything in the system was set correctly… my conferencing software wasn’t connecting… and I kept pushing through and just decided to RECORD the event even though I wasn’t broadcasting.

We had a productive session, that lasted about 2.5 hours, and we set things up for the next session. I went in to start editing the video and much to my dismay, OBS f’d me again… my audio is the only audio that recorded. There is zero chance we can ADR anything because of all the stuff that was spontaneous.

So… we officially have a “lost episode,” and we only have the one episode, and that isn’t an episode.

Here is the plan for what we’re going to do in the future: I wanted to have a decent production value but I am understanding my goals might be loftier than my ability to reach them. We are going to use Roll20 for the foreseeable future. The broadcast for Roll20 will be live, I believe, I’m still learning how to use the software but I think we’ll try making this work for the future.

Worst case scenario, I can record my screen with QuickTime and hopefully that will work.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’ll try to just use the non-broadcast as character building stuff and keep a story that’s deeper for the air.

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