Behind the Scenes

As one can imagine, there is a lot going on this month. With COVID-19, and the fact that both my wife and I are working harder than ever this year, that ramps the workload from “normal heavy” to “way above normal heavy.” So, I’ve decided to update a couple things.

For the Actual Play releases of Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle, Season One has been completely released with episode 10. I had originally intended to flow right into Season Two but editing has ceased completely due to the workload hinted above. I’ll start editing once the work slows down again but right now, know that I will try my hardest to get that out as quickly as I can so you aren’t waiting unnecessarily long for the second season. I don’t know exactly how many episodes it will be, but there should be more than 10 (I say that fairly confident, but I’m not looking at any information to confirm that at present).

The BuJoRPG Discord is starting to “hop” with activity as I am inspired to get things moving. There is some activity there because I can pop in with spurts of information. If you aren’t already there, come check it out at! I had intended to get a podcast going by now, too, but that also has suffered from the deadly December described above… but it will come.

Finally, there was going to be a new website popping up before the end of the year. With the new look would be a new focus on project management (and completion) and more professional orientation. The new look was a WordPress theme I purchased and when I went to start using it I found that nothing worked the way the instructions said because WordPress has evolved past it’s functions. The author no longer supports the theme, so if I want to use the theme I have to figure out something else… and I am working on a work around but I don’t exactly have tons of time, so that is also sitting on a virtual shelf for the moment. Look forward to a freshening up of the site.

That is all for now, check back closer to New Year’s and we’ll see where things are at!

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