Belgium 2, USA 1

That was 120 minutes of interesting game.  Well, at least until Belgium sealed the deal with that second goal in the first extra time period.  Yep, ending regulation 0-0 wasn’t all that terrible.

What I witnessed today was the US national team make some sick mistakes.  Despite themselves, they managed to hang on throughout regulation time to leave the game locked at a nil all score, meaning we managed to hang on against a team that really should have schooled us hard.

Belgium had 17 solid shots on goal that Tim Howard knocked away, smacked and punched clear, as well as kicking his way to clearing the ball.  We looked saved.  Then came extra time part one.

Prince Harry of Wales… sorry, DeBryune on Belgium scored the first goal and that’s when things got really weird.  Yeah, it seemed like that was the moment that everyone who got near Belgium’s goal on the US side suddenly decided that they could knock the ball into the net from anywhere on the pitch.  Then Lukaku scored and that sealed the win with another goal in fairly short order.

Our late FIRST extra time substitution, Green, managed to get the goal for our side in the SECOND extra time but we didn’t really even come close to winning because those last few minutes were desperation.  Sad, really, we actually looked good for most of the match.

Well, that means I’m rooting for Brasil or Germany to win.  If they could meet in the final, that would be my dream match but I don’t think they can.  We’ll see, I haven’t looked at the brackets but we will see.

Thanks for stopping by… I’ll write more.

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