Bored on Saturday night? Join us LIVE!

Shut your mouth and watch us live! Drink with us live! Wait… if you shut your mouth, you can’t drink, so open your mouth and drink with your three best friends as we have fun, drink, and watch the best cooking show in the world with commentary guaranteed to make you pee yourself a little.


Fun! Laughs! Cooking! And we are once again going to showcase the awesome Tom Foolery, who has been the longest running guest star on any show, ever, in the history of the color fuchsia! Bring your friends! Ask some ridiculous questions! Add your suggestions to the Mad Libs! Send pictures of hot ladies!

We want YOU to join us on Saturday night, LIVE, at 10:30 pm Eastern, 7:30 pm Pacific!

Don’t miss it again… or Santa Claus will skip your house this year.

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