Yes, friends and neighbors, you are reading that correct. The Open Beta is here… but with some caveats.

I’m calling this a “Beta,” but some might find this more of an “Alpha,” and that means this is a fairly skeletal assembly of the second iteration. Let me further explain.

The attached document is a rough draft of the “tutorial” that I have written, which eliminates a lot of the bland explanatory text that people seem to have skimmed over with the BuJoRPG 1 release. I am trying to make this more interactive, and explain things as you go, so this tutorial is remaining within BuJoRPG 2 and will expand as we develop this out… together.

I have not done the Skill trees that I was talking about… well, that isn’t true, I just haven’t released what I have drawn up so far. There are lots of things that need to be decided, expanded, tested, and so on and I’m going to finally just start developing this with everyone’s help instead of struggling to come up with all of this in a timely manner.

THINGS TO REMEMBER TO FOCUS ON: self improvement. This whole thing is about improving yourself, so you should be focused on the aspects of self improvement that can be used in a pseudo-generic form so that anyone can pick this up with minimal modifications and use it. Interconnectivity: one thing should affect another, so that everything is linked. The Attributes, for example, have a purpose and that purpose isn’t spelled out here because I want to see what you all come up with before finalizing what I’ve already written up.

The logo is not the final logo… this is the “beta” logo. It WILL change… and yes, I know it looks terrible in the Beta document. I don’t know why (at present), but it will be fixed in future Beta updates.

Finally, I’m pointing people to Patreon once again… because if I can get some compensation, I’ll bump other projects in favor of this one (which doesn’t currently happen because some of the projects can be completed quicker). I have yet to update the page, like I said I was going to, but it will get updated. If you’d like to see a reward or support level: tell me!

Here’s the PDF for BuJoRPG 2 – Beta. I look forward to hearing the feedback.

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