BuJoRPG Dev Blog 003: Power Creep

Back again so soon? YES!

It has come to my attention that my “tree” idea might cause something I’ll call “power creep.” Basically, in a nutshell, that means completing a couple of these adventures and exploring the entirety of each of the trees for those adventures might have you, or your character, at a power level well outside of what would be considered pleasing… like, you start adventure 1 with a basic “early learning” type power level, but by adventure 6, you’re so strong that you waltz through the entire story without much resistance at all.

How is that any fun?

I do not currently have a solution for this, but I have put a little thought into the idea. How about having the story “scale” with your character’s levels… instead of “villain has power of 3,” you’d have “villain has the power 115% of your current power level.” It’s just a thought.

The only other idea that I had before I sat down to write this was to have your character enter “the matrix” with some basic level scores, regardless of what your accumulative scores are… that would seem to work a little better than the first option, right?

I would love a little feedback on this… emeraldspecter.com@gmail.com if you’d like to drop me a line… use the subject line “BuJo Dev” and I’ll make sure my email programs don’t scrap those…

I’m still working on things but I wanted to put out another blog post with the problem I ran across in my excitement to move forward. This is precisely why I needed a Dev Blog.

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