BuJoRPG Dev Blog 004: Physical vs Digital

Something I’m having a hard time deciding is if I want to stay digital only or do both digital and physical media for releasing BuJoRPG and BuJourneyRPG. I know some folks out there use the physical only because that’s really what bullet journaling was designed for, but there are those of us (me included) that think digital is better because of the problem of storing “physical product.”

I’ve made some inquiries into wholesaling or custom printing a bullet journal with BuJoRPG loaded into it already. My inquiries have been met with silence, which I find odd considering I’m asking about purchasing something from a company that sells things. Their loss, though. When I find a company willing to print journals with BuJoRPG pre-loaded in them, I’ll put them up for sale.

There will always be digital, though. It’s the easiest thing to do, logistically, and as long as I’m designing the system digitally anyway, sending out the digital product isn’t a big deal.

Videos are still forthcoming, I’ve got some free time coming to dink around after March ends.

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