BuJoRPG Dev Blog 005: The Power of Why

I am about to start thinking of BuJoRPG development as a three year old. What I mean is that I’m going to ask “why” a lot.

For example, why go with hexagons as the tree design? It’s aesthetically pleasing and forces me to branch out more often. Why do I want to branch out more often? The more branches there are, the more interaction you’ll have to work on the story and your self improvement.

That’s just a short example.

The inclusion of certain aspects I was considering, once met with the “why” barrage, failed to hold up. If something doesn’t last through at least two questions, then why should it be included? I want some level of sophistication in this game but I don’t want it so difficult as to force casual users to hit me up constantly asking for clarification.

One thing I do want is to make it simple enough to understand solely by reading the instructions. Something I noticed with BuJoRPG v1 is that because I left so many things “up to judgment,” I end up getting a lot of questions about those open ended things. BuJourneyRPG will be more task oriented (like for walking, running, learning, etc) and should, by design, be easier to just throw into your own journal.

Bullet journaling IS supposed to make organization simpler, why wouldn’t I want BuJoRPG to do that as well?

So, let’s use an example of something I’ve decided to include and go from there.

Why are there four attributes (PHY, MEN, SOC, and EMO)? The foundation of any character is built on a solid foundation and I’ve boiled down basic attributes into just four. Why four and not two, three, five, or more? While being easily measurable, PHY and MEN (or PHY, MEN, and SOC) are a little too basic. On the flip side, more than just adding EMO to that list overly complicated things. Each attribute has sub-attributes to fulfill offense, defense, and recovery roles for each main attribute. Anything more complicated than that will make things overly complex.

I’ve so far eliminated a couple of things using this method that didn’t really have a purpose “at present.” I need to also keep in mind that I can add things in when I develop that aspect. A developer friend once said “development of a [system] is something that happens in layers, like an onion.” He was talking about apps but the same can be applied here.

Build the battle system to work independently of anything else. When that is done, build the gear system to modify your stats for the battle system. When that is done, build the “farming” mechanism to get the gear for that… it continues like that.

BuJourneyRPG is being built almost exactly like that. I built the stats before the battle system (which is still under development). Otherwise, onion.

I’m not entirely sure when the first viewable set up will be available but I’ll do videos as soon as something is worth showing.

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